Tall & Slim Vs. Big & Tall: A Comparison

Tall & Slim Vs. Big & Tall: A Comparison

You know "Big & Tall" clothing - but what if you're tall and skinny? We compared "big & tall" with "tall and slim" to show you just how fast you should make the switch to clothing that actually fits. Read here...
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If you're a tall guy, you've likely tried on countless "tall" t-shirts in the hopes that they would finally fit ~ and they just didn't.

Surfing the "big and tall" section in department stores becomes a chore to find a shirt that fits and flatters you. If that sounds familiar, keep reading 🫠

Why "Big & Tall" Just Doesn't Work

The thing is: "Big & Tall" clothing is great for guys who are - well, big and tall. For the guys who are tall and wide in proportion, they have no problem with the "big & tall" sized clothing. After all, this clothing was designed with them in mind.

But what if you're tall - and not quite as big? For the tall, skinnier guys out there, "big & tall" just doesn't make the cut. Find a t-shirt that fits you length-wise, and you're left with far to much width (looking like a parachute). Find a t-shirt that fits you width-wise, and your stomach is flashing.

Tall and slim guys - can we ever win?

Thankfully, you don't have to settle. Responding to the cry of tall skinny guys across the nation, a few of us have taken up the honor of designing tall and slim clothing instead of tall and big...

What Makes Tall & Slim Different?

There are some obvious differences between the "big & tall" standard and "tall & slim" clothing. See how we compare the styles, fit, and feel of each below:

1. Width: Parachute Vs. Perfect Fit

Big and Tall Clothing Vs. Tall and Slim Clothing

Big and tall clothing is designed to fit wider men, which means when you put a t-shirt on, you'll be swimming in it. Sure, it might fit you height-wise, but on each side you have a huge flap of fabric akin to a flying squirrel.

Tall and slim t-shirts (like our bestselling 50/50 tall t-shirt) keep all the height you need without giving you extra width you don't. They're much slimmer than the average "big & tall" t-shirt. So what does that mean for you? Wearing something that finally *actually* flatters your tall slim build. Win!

2. Quality: Thin Material Vs. Comfortable & Soft

Big and Tall Vs. Tall and Slim Clothing for Men

It goes without saying: "big & tall" companies typically skimp on the material they use for their tall athletic shirts (and others). As long as they have their boxes checked with size, quality comes second.

At TallSlim Tees, we make sure our t-shirts not only fit your tall skinny build, but feel great too. We use high quality materials and different blends for each of our t-shirts (for instance, our Tall Athletic Shirt is made with a stretchy triblend of tencel, polyester, and spandex).

Plus, you probably don't want to wear a baggy, unflattering shirt to the gym. You need a shirt that fits, shows off those hard-earned muscles, and makes you confident in the weight room.

3. Style: Baggy Vs. Flattering

Big and Tall Sweatshirt Vs. Tall and Slim Sweatshirt for Men

Finally, "big & tall" shirts are designed to be baggy, which is flattering for the heavier built guys out there. But for us tall, slim dudes? Each baggy t-shirt or sweatshirt just looks ridiculous.

Wearing clothing that makes you feel confident in your own skin is hard to find - but so worth searching for. We designed all of our clothing to flatter those tall skinny men, so you can look classy and confident in everything you wear. You can't put a price on confidence!

Where to Find Quality "Tall & Slim" Clothing

Okay, so you see why "tall & slim" is so much better than "big & tall," at least when it comes to tall thin guys. Honestly, we don't need to tell you that something needs to change! You've been living the struggle your whole life - so what's the solution?

We're biased, but we truly believe our clothing here at TallSlim Tees is a great option for tall skinny guys. We designed our t-shirts to specifically fit and flatter a tall slim build, and we have dozens of colors and styles to choose from.

A few other "tall & slim" companies we love include Redwood Tall Outfitters and American Tall. You don't have to settle for "big & tall" any longer - there are options out there for you, tall guys.

If you're looking for something specific, check out our top selling "tall & slim" clothing options below - we know you'll love them!

Tall Guy Wearing Tall T-Shirt

^^ By far our best selling tall & slim tee, our 50/50 Original T-Shirt is a great staple for tall skinny guys! Pick from our 22 colors to stock your wardrobe UP 📈

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Athletic Shirt

^^ Like we said before, you need a gym shirt that flatters your tall slim build. Our Tall Athletic Shirts are stretchy, breathable, moisture-wicking, and hug all the right areas. Order one here!

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Sweatshirt

^^ During winter, every tall guy needs a sweatshirt he can trust. Our Tall Quarter Zip Sweatshirts are warm, flattering, and comfortable for the tall skinny dudes! Order one here.