Tall Men's Fashion Trends for Autumn 2023: What's In and How to Wear It

Tall Men's Fashion Trends for Autumn 2023: What's In and How to Wear It

What's IN this fall season? Here are 5 fall outfit ideas for tall guys that are trending in Autumn 2023...
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Autumn is finally here, and it's time to refresh your wardrobe, bust out those flannels and boots, and start layering up.

But what's in this Autumn? What are 2023's top fall looks for tall men?

Today, we're breaking down what's in style this fall and what to try if you're looking for something new. Check out these tall men's fashion trends for Autumn 2023 below:

Moss Green is the New Black

Tall Men's Fall Outfit with Sweater

Moss green is a classic color year round, but in fall - it pops. Pair with a light stone color for contrast (the outfit above features our Stone Everyday Joggers & Gray Dress Shirt). Add a pair of light sneakers for the final touch. It's been true for years, but especially in 2023, you can't go wrong with a deep, rich green.

Halloween - But Classy

Halloween Outfit for Tall Men

Halloween is just around the bend, and if you're hoping to strike that perfect balance between celebrating without being cheesy, this outfit is ideal. Pair a tasteful Orange Tee with your Black Sweatshirt of choice and some white sneakers for a well-rounded, classy look this Halloween. You'll stay warm, dress festive, and feel confident without wearing a crazy costume.

Invested in the Look

Tall Men's Fall Outfits

Vests are trending in Autumn 2023, and we are completely invested;). Pair a warm puffy vest with a tall Henley and a pair of comfortable sweatpants for a chill fall look you will love. This look pairs perfectly with your favorite ball cap for ultimate comfort. Perfect for football games, weekend yard work, and more.

It's Flannel Season

Tall Mens Flannel Outfit for Fall

You'll never go wrong with a flannel, and fall is the perfect time to wear your favorite. Match any one of the colors in your flannel with a t-shirt you love and your favorite pair of boots for an outfit that feels comfortable and festive. Mix and match t-shirts that compliment your flannel for several options you can rotate.

Breathable Layers

Tall Mens Blue Outfit for Fall

This fall, layering is in - and it's a practical trend that will keep you comfortable all hours of the day. Layer a warm sweatshirt over a tasteful t-shirt to stay warm early morning or late evening. When the sun grows stronger, peel off the jacket and stay cool in a t-shirt. Pair with classy boots and dark jeans for a coordinated fall look.

Warm Leather Accents 

Tall Men's Polo Outfit for Fall

We can't forget the accents - fall colors are typically warm, so adding subtle leather accents to your outfit can take a casual combo and elevate it to the next level. Pair a casual pair of khakis with a Tall Polo - then add the leather touches you want, like a belt, watch, or pair of shoes. Perfect for date night, the office, and anything in between.

Those are all the fall looks we have for you - but we hope they sparked some inspiration for your own autumn wardrobe this year!

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