Finding the Perfect Pair of Tall Men's Sweatpants for Fall

Finding the Perfect Pair of Tall Men's Sweatpants for Fall

You're looking for the perfect pair of sweatpants for fall - but how do you find them? Here's a few hints (plus a few gifs to help you on your journey):

Picture this:

It's a fall Sunday morning.

Windows open, your house is a perfect 70°. Football's on the TV and coffee's brewing. You already finished yard work the day before - all the leaves are raked and bagged. Today is Sunday - your day to kick back and relax...

But there's one thing that makes today great.

It's not your favorite slippers you're already wearing. It's not your team's football jersey you're wearing for good luck. It's not the hot coffee, your team's winning score, or the finished yard work. It's not even that perfect autumn weather.

It's your sweatpants.

You've been waiting to wear them until this morning, saving them for your favorite part of the week. When you pulled them on you felt the soft fabric, the comfortable stretchy waistband, and the tall fit that hugs all the right places... Your perfect day wouldn't be complete without them.

You take a deep breath and savor the moment. Nothing is better than the feeling of pulling on your favorite pair of sweatpants. "Ohhhh yeah," you say. "It's all coming together."

If you haven't had an "it's all coming together" moment yet this fall, you're probably missing a pair of sweatpants you can trust. And with fall in full swing, you don't want to skip out on grabbing a pair of sweatpants that will keep you warm all winter!

In all seriousness, sweatpants are a must have in any tall man's closet. They're perfect for relaxing after work, getting outdoors as the weather gets colder, and staying comfortable on your perfect Sunday morning;).

Today, we're discussing how to find the perfect pair of tall sweatpants for fall: what to look for, what to avoid, and more.

Let's dive in so you can have an "it's all coming together" moment before fall's over!

1. Don't Settle for "Big & Tall"

If you're tall, you're familiar with "big and tall" - but some of us are more "tall" than "big." Everyone wants their sweatpants to have some breathing room, but not that much. Don't settle for baggy, boxy, bunchy "big and tall" sweatpants - opt for a "tall and slim" fit to match you build better.

2. Are the Legs Long Enough?

You're tall - and you need your sweatpants to be tall, too. Make sure the pair you pick fits your long legs! Check on the product description for outseam/inseam and waist size, it's worth verifying before you pull the trigger (because you're not looking for capris here).

3. Drawstring = Must-Have

Drawstrings are a must-have, especially for us tall and slim. Having the option to cinch your pants to the right waist size is ideal, especially when the waist already fits you pretty well. Make sure the sweatpants you choose have a drawstring waist.

4. Enough Pockets

You're not looking for cargo pants and dozens of pockets, but you need at least a few. Make sure your sweatpants feature enough pockets for your daily needs - holding your phone, keys, wallet, and other necessities should you leave the house wearing them.

5. Material: Soft, Warm, & Breathable or Bust

Material is EVERYTHING when picking the perfect pair of sweatpants. If you're looking for lounge sweatpants, it's important the material is soft, won't shrink in the wash, and warm. For everyday sweatpants you'll wear often, you might want a more breathable, light fabric that looks more flattering. Don't settle.

6. Ankle Cuffs Always

Ankle cuffs aren't just in - they are comfortable and prevent dragging your pants across the floor. They look great with sneakers, and are often a personal preference. Make sure your sweatpants have those design details you're looking for!

And the Winner Is...

Surely there can't be the perfect pair of sweatpants out there... or can there be??

We scoured the internet far and wide to find a single pair of tall sweatpants that checks all the boxes and - behold... we've determined the perfect pair...

Tall Slim Tees Tall Joggers!!

Okay, we know that was pretty cheesy. But we truly believe our tall jogger options will upgrade your wardrobe, simplify your life, and make you feel comfortable and confident when you wear them!

We have two jogger options: one for chilling and one for everyday, so you have options. Perfectly tailored to fit a tall, slim build, these are the sweatpants you've been looking for - your "it's all coming together" joggers;)

For lounging at home, check out our Jogger Sweatpants, ideal for chill Sunday mornings are after-work relaxing.

Tall Man Wearing Tall Sweatpants

For a more versatile option, check out our Everyday Joggers - designed with plenty of pockets, breathable material, comfortable ankle cuffs, and a tall fit that hugs all the right places.

Tall Guys Wearing Tall Joggers

Either way, when you buy from TallSlim Tees, our guarantee is this: you will love how you look and feel when you pull on our sweatpants, and that feeling won't fade with time.

Wishing you many "it's all coming together" moments to come!