Summer 2022 Fashion for Skinny Tall Guys

Summer 2022 Fashion for Skinny Tall Guys

We get it. As a tall guy, it's hard enough finding clothing that fits, let alone follows tasteful trends. But at TallSlim Tees, we don't just want you to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. We want you to feel confident with your style too 😎

Check out our outfit ideas that follow the best fashion for skinny tall guys and upgrade your wardrobe today... You won't regret it;).

Tall guys, we know how tough it is to find clothing that actually fits you. Fashion almost seems out of the question. Your concern is finding something that fits; forget following tasteful trends.

But at TallSlim Tees, we wanted to go the extra mile. We wanted to make sure our shirts fit comfortably while also flattering your build with tasteful styles and designs. We take fashion for skinny tall guys seriously.

We put together a few trendy looks for this summer below ~ hopefully they inspire you to spice up your normal look and try a new fit. Check them out and have the most stylish summer yet 😎

Tall Guy Wearing Tall T-Shirt

Sporty, Yet Classy

The trick to fashion for skinny tall guys? Keep it simple. Throw on some white tennis shoes, simple khaki shorts, and a tall short sleeve shirt for a sporty, yet classy summer look. This look is great for summer barbecues, fire pit nights, or travel days.

Our 50/50 Crew Neck Short Sleeve Shirts are the perfect t-shirt to pull off this look. Available in 22 different colors and tall sizes that will fit your build, they are a great breathable summer tee. The model here is wearing our Dark Blue, which pairs well with both white and khaki colors.

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Sweatshirt

Fashion for Skinny Tall Guys ~ The Summer Quarter Zip

After the sun sinks below the horizon, summer nights can get a little chilly, and it's nice to have a light sweatshirt to throw on when the stars come out. Pair one of our Tall Quarter Zip Sweatshirts with tasteful jeans and sneakers for a classic summer night look.

The best thing about fashion for skinny tall guys? Comfort comes first. There's no point in wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or tank that makes you feel uncomfortable, which is why we designed all our tall clothing to make you feel comfortable and confident. Our Quarter Zips are some of the most comfy, so you definitely won't want to miss out on this summer fit.

Tall Guys Wearing Tall T-Shirts

Classic Jeans + Tall T-Shirt

You simply can't go wrong with a classic tall t-shirt and jeans. Call me basic, but I believe fashion for skinny tall guys doesn't have to be as complicated as the "experts" make it out to be. A simple tee, nice jeans, and comfortable shoes go a long way.

This look is great for cooler summer nights and can be dressed up or down to fit your lifestyle. Try our V-Neck for a classier look along with some dress shoes for a summer date night. Or toss on one of our Long Sleeves to ward the mosquitoes away and protect your skin from the sun while you work at the ranch. This look fits your needs, not the other way around;). 

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Athletic Shirt

The Gym Fit

Working on that hot summer bod? Having a gym outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident while you workout is essential. Find some good, comfortable shoes (I find these are great for lifting), gym shorts, and a breathable tee. Then hit the gym, get those gains, and start working on that swimsuit body you've been wanting for so long now.

Our Tall Athletic Shirts are made with a tri-blend of tencel, polyester, and spandex, so they're breathable and moisture-wicking. Available in both bright and neutral colors, you're sure to be the classiest (and likely tallest) gym rat around;).

Tall Guys Wearing Tall T-Shirts

Add Some Color to Your Summer Wardrobe

Spice it up this summer! The point of experimenting with fashion for skinny tall guys is to make your style pop in a way that authentically reflects who you are. So wear your favorite color, even if it's bold! Try that brighter shirt one day. Be comfortable with your style.

Our Tall Pocket Tees are a tasteful way to add a touch of color to your wardrobe in a subtle way. But if you want to go bolder, check out our variety of colors available in our V-Necks and Crew Neck T-Shirts. The models in this photo are wearing Sage Green and Aqua Marine, but there are many more colors to choose from!

Tall Guy Wearing Tall T-Shirt

For Those HOT Summer Days

Look, we know we already featured our Tall Athletic Shirt above, but it's just that good: we had to feature it twice. Paired with tennis shoes, gym shorts, and a pair of sunglasses, you'll be ready to play any sport this summer with style.

Being active doesn't have to be uncomfortable for tall guys. Our tall t-shirts are long enough to cover your waist (even when you lift your arms to make that 3-pointer shot) and they wick moisture away, keeping you cool and comfortable even in the summer heat. And for lake day or a beach trip? They make for the perfect cover shirt 😎

The best thing about fashion for skinny tall guys is that skinny tall guys have the final say ~ so you decide what looks good, flatters your build, and makes you feel comfortable.

Share your favorite looks in the comments below! Here's to the most fashionable summer yet.