Plain White T-Shirts Ranked

I found this interesting post today that attempted to rank plain white t-shirts. Go give it a look and see if anything sticks out to you. A few things caught my attention.

First, none of them are made for tall, slim guys. Of course they aren’t. No one has ever cared about us before, so doubt they would start now.

Second, it looks like everyone is plain old cotton. Any tall, slim guy can tell you how well cotton drapes on their frame. (Hint: not well).

In other words, you guys can go ahead and skip those recommendations unless you want to keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

But don’t despair my friends. At the end of August we will officially unveil our plain white t-shirt. It will use a slightly heavier cotton than our other shirts, but this is to keep it from being nearly transparent. It is still a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend.

Stay tuned for the announcement of their arrival!