Mountain Ash Finds Its Home Down Under

Mountain Ash Finds Its Home Down Under

Mountain Ash is one of a few names for Eucalyptus regnans. Other common names include Swamp Gum and Stringy Gum. It is the tallest flowering plant in the world (white flowers appear in on the tree in autumn) and the second tallest tree species. It measures up to 327.5 feet (99.82 meters) in height. Mountain Ash finds itself at home in Tasmania as well as Victoria in southeast Australia. It is common for mountain ash trees to live for several hundred years.

The tallest specimen that is currently living is the Centurion. The Centurion is in Tasmania, Australia and was measured in 2008 to be 327 feet (99.6 meters) tall and then it was remeasured in 2014 and was found to be slightly taller at 327.49 feet. Centurion has a diameter of 13.29 feet (4.05 meters), a girth of 39.37 feet (12 meters), and an estimated volume of 9464.33 cubic feet (268 cubic meters). Centurion has another name which is “the Bradman,” named after Donald Bradman who was a “legendary Austrailian cricketer.”

Eucalyptus regnans is a species in the Eucalyptus genus of the Myrtaceae family in the Myrtales order of the Rosids clade in the Eudicots clade which is part of the clade Angiosperms in the kingdom Plantae.

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