Lyndon B. Johnson was Pretty Tall

Lyndon B. Johnson was Pretty Tall

While most of the American public knows him as LBJ, Lyndon B. Johnson was the second tallest President of the United States. He was 6 feet and 3.5 inches and the 36th President. His term began on November 22, 1963, after his predecessor, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. Johnson was then re-elected in 1964 when he defeated Barry Goldwater. His vice president was Hubert Humphrey.

During his presidency, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed to prevent discrimination against minorities. He also expanded many programs including Medicare, Medicaid, and a “War on Poverty” in addition to aiding the arts, development in both urban and rural areas, public services. Millions of Americans rose above the poverty line due to the War on Poverty which was helped by the growing economy.

One act that gathered a bit of controversy about Johnson was his role in the escalation of the Vietnam War. Thanks to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passing in 1964, Johnson was given the power to use military might throughout Southeast Asia without an official declaration of war normally required. This increased America’s involvement in the war which many were not in favor of.

Before serving as President, Johnson was a United States Representative and a United States Senator for the state of Texas.

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