March Madness 2024: Which TallSlim Product Won?!

March Madness 2024: Which TallSlim Product Won?!

Today marks the end of our March Madness competition... but which MVP (Most Valuable Product) won?? The results are in...
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Hey tall ballers!

Today marks the end of our March Madness competition, where you got to vote for your favorite TallSlim Tees product. So which MVP (Most Valuable Product) won??

Drum roll please...

The Original Crew Neck T-Shirt!

The Midweight Pullover Hoodie was stiff competition, but the classic crew pulled through in the end.

Which means our Original Crew Neck T-Shirts will go on sale tomorrow (4/9) for 30% OFF - only for those VIP guys who voted along the way! The sale will go until 4/12, so if you participated in voting, don't wait! Stock up your spring wardrobe at a discount now (that's a slam dunk;)

So why did the classic tee win?

Not gonna lie, we all had a bet going here at TallSlim Tees that you'd choose the crew neck tee. It's our bestselling product by far, and a major fan favorite. What makes it special? Let's dive into the details:

Tall Man Wearing Tall T-Shirt

1. A Tall-Tailored Fit

All our clothes at TallSlim have that tall-tailored fit, but the crew neck t-shirt really nails it in the comfort department. In many cases, these are the first well-fitting t-shirts our TST customers have ever worn. We've revised and adjusted our fit to perfection, so you can trust it finally fits and flatters you, tall guy.

2. Soft, Stress-Free Material

Our crew neck tees are designed with polyester, rayon, and spandex - which give it a subtle stretch and a buttery soft feel. The material blend we chose feels soft on your skin, but stays breathable and hangs perfectly on a tall, slim frame. 

3. 22 Colors to Choose From

Twenty-two might seem a bit ridiculous - but we believe tall guys deserve to have options, because we know you're not used to having them! We chose tasteful, versatile colors to pack your wardrobe for any occasion.

Tall Man Wearing Tall Crew Neck T-Shirt

4. A Staple Year-Round

A great benefit of the humble t-shirt? It's in-season year-round. Pair with a jacket and pants in the winter, or sport a pair of shorts along with your tee in the summer. Either way, you'll be comfortable and feel confident.

If you participated in voting during our March Madness competition, thanks for joining and don't forget to snag your discount! Our top-selling tee won't be 30% forever...

Cheers to clothes that finally fit!