Summer Bod for Tall Guys: 5 Essential Bicep Workouts

Summer Bod for Tall Guys: 5 Essential Bicep Workouts

Want that dream physique? These 5 bicep workouts get you there... Check them out here!
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Tank Top season is upon us - but do you have the bod to pull it off?

We believe any tall guy can rock our Tall Tank Tops (which are on sale for $20 this week btw), but let's be honest: it helps when you you have some impressive biceps to show off;)

Fear not - there's still time to get the summer bod you want! We pulled our top 5 bicep workouts for tall guys, and you should definitely give them a shot before summer. Check them out here:

1. Hammer Curls

Hammer Curl for Tall Guys

Bicep muscles develop better when they are under tension for longer periods of time - they don't benefit as much from lower reps and higher weight. A great way to get your biceps under tension for a long period of time is by doing hammer curls.

Hammer curls are easier than traditional curls, which allow you to do more for longer. They focus on the short head of the bicep, and also target your wrists and forearms.

2. Pull-ups

Pull-Ups for Tall Guys

Pull-ups aren't just a great test of strength, but they are an awesome option if you have limited gym equipment and want to target several muscles at the same time. Pull-ups work your biceps, triceps, grip strength, wrists, forearms, back, core, and shoulders all the same time - making it an essential exercise to build that summer bod.

3. Rows

Rows for Tall Guys


Rows are a great exercise to balance a workout routine with lots of targeted movements. They focus on several muscle groups and round out any upper body workout really well. They don't just hit your biceps - they also hit your upper back, core, forearms, and chest, too. 

4. Concentration Curls

Concentration Curls for Tall Guys


It's easy to slip into poor form with different types of curls, but the concentration curl cuts out all the BS. It eliminates the temptation to use momentum to get that weight lifted, helping you to focus on a slow movement and good form. This is great if you really want to target just your biceps.

5. Preacher Curls

Preacher Curls for Tall Men


Preacher curls are another great option to isolate your bicep muscles and prevent other muscles from compensating as you work out. If you want a great bicep pump, this exercise is the way to go. We suggest going to failure so your biceps can stay under tension for as long as possible, developing muscle faster.

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