How Tall is Mike Williams?

How Tall is Mike Williams?

Many of you might be thinking…which Mike Williams because there is so many. There is a retired basketball player named Mike Williams and many others. However, today we are talking about a new Mike Williams that is hitting the spotlight.

This Mike Williams is a twenty-four-year-old wide receiver for the Chargers. He was only drafted from his college days to the NFL in the last few years and has since become a rockstar and like many wide receivers, he has the height and wingspan to be a huge asset to the offensive line.

Mike is a good Six-Foot-Four-Inches and has a wingspan almost as long as he is tall. His height and ability to grab the ball is what made him a great first draft pick for the Los Angelos team. He Weights a light 220 pounds and can run a forty-yard dash in less than four and a half seconds.
In his past, he has fought back pain from previous injuries but still manages to impress his coaches. He is on the starting line-up and with a lot of years left in his career, I am sure we will see a lot of incredible snatches from this young-tall player.

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