How Tall is Blueface?

How Tall is Blueface?

“Blueface” whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter is one of the latest rappers to join the group of fame. He made his debut in October of 2018 with a new hit song. His stardom was a compilation of three things: his new style of rapping, an internet meme, and the fact that he has a tattoo of Benjamin Franklin on the side of his face.

His official rapper name is Blueface Bleedem, which refers to his past time in schoolyard gangs. He released his first song by accident after being asked to go to a studio to pick up a phone charger for a friend. While he was there, he was challenged to rap against another rapper in the studio. This led to them recording his rapping and his first music release.

The stir over how tall he is is based off the simple fact that he is very tall when compared to other rappers. He stands at six-foot-three and got his height from his tall parents. Jonathan is only twenty-one years old and still might have some growth left in him. Could he end up being the tallest rapper of all time? Only time will tell!

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