How Tall Guys Survive Shirt Shrinking Struggles

How Tall Guys Survive Shirt Shrinking Struggles

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You’ve probably been there. You took hours upon hours to finally find a shirt that fits. You see, clothes aren’t exactly made for a tall guy like you. Certain brands are immediately disqualified. Entire stores, even. So, when you finally find a shirt that fits, well, it’s a real accomplishment.

But not so fast …

Later that day, you pull that shirt out of the dryer, and it has shrunk to the point where it’d fit your dog better than it would fit you.

So, let’s get real: What do you do?

Don’t Panic

Panic might feel like the correct emotion considering the effort you expended to even find that shirt in the first place, but sounding the alarm bells doesn’t help anyone.

Instead, let’s face this problem head-on and defeat it.

Assemble Your Supplies

Don’t sweat it. There’s a fix for this problem, and you might not even need to leave the house to make it happen. You will need:

  • -A bucket or a bowl or a sink
  • -Hair conditioner. You might have some of this lying around. If not, we may need to put together a separate piece on getting your hair game on point.
  • -A towel
  • -Some rockin’ music

That last item is optional, but remember, we’re trying to keep things on an even keel. Seeing a new shirt shrink to the size of a toddler is scary but keep it in perspective. It’s fixable, as long as you keep your attitude in check.

Soak Your Shirt

After filling the bowl/bucket/sink with lukewarm water (lukewarm, not hot), add a little (about a tablespoon) of conditioner and mix it in. If this were a wool sweater, you should use almost half a cup. Depending on the shrinking power of your shirts fabric, you’ll need a little more conditioner.

Next, you want to soak that shirt for 30 minutes. This solution is designed to make the clothing fibers relax. Relaxed clothing fibers are flexible clothing fibers.

Think of this step like a wine-drinking bath but for your clothes. Whatever tension they were carrying, well, it’s not going to be around much longer.

Stretch It Back Out And Rinse

After the 30 minutes are up, it’s now time to stretch that shirt back out to its original shape. As discussed, the material should now be a whole lot more willing to work with you.

Once you have it stretched back out, it’s time to rinse out the conditioner by hand.

Air Dry It On A Towel

Once your shirt is rinsed out, let it air dry. Just place it on a towel and put it somewhere warm and dry so it can dry out while maintaining it’s shape.

Now Get A TallSlim Tee

OK, now that you saved that shirt, remember the next time this happens (because it ALWAYS happens) you can just get a TallSlim tee. We make shirts for tall , slim dudes and our shirts have minimal shrinkage.

Not too shabby, right?


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