How Tall Can Deer Antlers Get?

How Tall Can Deer Antlers Get?

If you are into outdoor activities I would dare say that you have seen a deer or two. The crazy thing about deer is that they grow a set of new antlers every year. This natural phenomenon is one of the craziest things out in the woods. The cellular growth rate of deer antlers is up to fifty times more than other types of cellular regeneration.

Antlers are mostly made up of calcium. As with most creatures, they don’t eat enough calcium to fuel proper growth. This absurd amount of calcium is created by chemical reactions in the deer’s body.

The most fascinating part about the antler growth process is that the growth really isn’t limited. The deer’s ability to grow is based on genetics and nutrition. The more nutrients the deer consumes the more growth it can produce. Scientist of shown that in years where more rainfall has occurred; the bigger the antlers get. This is due to the abundance of feed that is created by the rain.

Some Western American Mule Deer have been found to have antlers taller than 40 inches tall and 42 inches wide. There is not just one type of deer so this number varies between species.

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