How Tall are the Dude Perfect Guys?

How Tall are the Dude Perfect Guys?

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For those of you who may not know what “Dude Perfect” is, let me tell you. A couple of college dudes in Texas got together one afternoon and started shooting hoops. After a few minutes of shooting around, they began to get a little bored. To cure this boredom they decided to start doing trick-shots: shooting over the house, bouncing it off the neighbor’s roof, kicking it into the hoop, etc.

A few epic baskets later one of them grabbed a camera and started capturing the awesomeness. The footage took its rightful place on Youtube for the world to see. The video began to get more and more views every day. This small amount of fame created a desire for them to keep creating more trick-shot videos. Since that day they have done nothing but create crazier and crazier sports entertainment videos.

So how tall are they? According to TheCinemaholic, the Dude Perfect Team is as follows:

Coby Cotton: 5 feet, 9 inches.
Cory Cotton: 5 feet, 9 inches.
Garrett Hilbert: 5 feet, 11 inches.
Cody Jones: 6 feet, 6 inches.
Tyler Toney: 5 feet, 9 inches.

Now that we know their heights we can safely assume that the majority of them would look great in a Tallslimtee.