How Much Do You Know About Giraffes?

How Much Do You Know About Giraffes?

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If you are reading this blog it probably means that you are a tall person and that you probably have a lot in common with our friends the giraffes. It also means that you probably have been called a giraffe a time or two.

So let us take a moment and get to know this fascinating animal.

What exactly is a Girrafe? Well, it’s a crazy tall (about 20 feet) animal that lives in the woodlands of Africa. Although you might think that a giraffe is some type of long-necked horse, it is technically a part of the “Pecora” family, which means that it has similar genetics to that of the American Antelope. Today’s giraffes have developed from an extinct animal called a “giraffid“, which was about the same size as a horse. Giraffes developed their height over hundreds of years through evolution and now allows them to eat from the tops of trees that other animals cannot reach.

Giraffe Facts

-There are currently around 97,500 giraffes in the world and about 1,100 in captivity.

-They reach over 4,000 pounds.

-A female giraffes gestation period is over a year.

-Before mating a female giraffe will urinate into the male’s mouth.

-Male giraffes can tell whether or not a female giraffe is fertile by the taste of her urine.

-In some places in Africa, powerlines must be over 12 meters tall to ensure the safe passing of giraffes.

-A giraffe’s tongue is almost 2 feet long.

-If you stretch out the intestines of a giraffe they will be over 70 meters long.

-A group of giraffes is called a tower.

Pretty awesome animals right? Giraffes are definitely one of the more interesting species here on our planet. Hopefully, we didn’t giraffe you too crazy with all of this insane giraffe knowledge!