Do Women Get Taller When Pregnant?

Do Women Get Taller When Pregnant?

On a large number of occasions, pregnant women report that there pant legs got shorter while being while carrying the baby. Meaning that they must be getting taller because the same pants fit them perfect before pregnancy.

It is important to note that most women do not stop growing until they are over twenty-one years of age. For women that are younger than that, you could actually still be growing while you are pregnant just like you would have if you hadn’t gotten pregnant.

Scientifically nothing about being pregnant will cause the average person to get taller. However, in rare instances, women will start producing a hormone called “relaxin”, which can cause growth in the body.

Another way that women sometimes get taller while pregnant is from being bloated. A woman’s body will retain more water while pregnant. This water can be stored in a number of tissues. Sometimes this water can is built up in the cartilage in the women’s spine which will push the spinal connections further apart. This will cause women to be slightly taller because the spine will be more stretched out than others.

If for some reason your pregnant wife says she grew while being pregnant, it is probably best to just agree with her rather than getting on her bad side.