Do Tall Guys Have Bigger...

Do Tall Guys Have Bigger...

It's the age-old question. We've all been wondering it. We've all been curious. Maybe we've been too scared to ask. Maybe we're scared to know the answer. But is it true?

It's the age-old question. We've all been wondering it. We've all been curious. Maybe we've been too scared to ask. Maybe we're scared to know the answer. But is it true?

Do tall guys have bigger... problems?

If you're a tall guy, you know this to be true. Not only are we taller, but so are our... problems. When the average man is concerned with work, family, and adult responsibilities, you have a greater burden to carry on top of it all - the burden of being tall.

Think about it. Not only must you be concerned about the stock market, but you must also worry about hitting your head on the nearest doorframe. Not only are chores on your mind, but so is the seemingly always-too-small size of your bed.

So do tall guys have bigger problems? You bet. Here are a few struggles you might be familiar with as a tall guy with a huge... set of problems:

Tiny Cars

Getting into a tiny car as a tall guy is like ducking into a drainage pipe. You'll probably hit your head on your way in, and you're lucky if you don't have duck to see through your windshield - a huge problem if you don't want your back to ache every time you drive to work.

Door Frames

Mentioned above, worth mentioning again. How many times have you hit your head on doorframes? A forehead bruise is always unsightly, and we know you've likely had your fair share of them. A colossal problem indeed.

Being Mr. Hanger-Upper-of-Things, Lightbulb-Replacer, Grabber-Of-That-Thing-On-The-Highest-Shelf

It's our duty as the heroes we are to reach the high shelves, hang the tallest frames, and replace the most remote lightbulbs. But must it always be our God-given purpose? We're people, not just human cherry-pickers.

The Nicknames

Maybe you're familiar with a few tall nicknames yourself. They're usually uncreative, sloppy, lazy. Must height become your identity and your name? We're more than this, tall guys.

Tiny Beds

If your feet hang of the edge of your bed, you're quite familiar with cold feet in the night. It comes with the lifestyle, what can we say? But what is the solution - wearing socks to bed like a psychopath? There's no winning here tall guys - it's tragic indeed.

And Most Importantly... Clothing

We saved the worst for last. We ask one more time: is it true that tall guys have bigger... problems? At least with tall clothing they do. If you're tall and slim, it's almost impossible to find tall clothing that fits you well, doesn't look like a parachute, feels comfortable, has good quality, and isn't ridiculously expensive. Seems like a tall order - but tall guys, you're not completely helpless here.

At TallSlim Tees, our tall and slim clothing is designed to fit and flatter your build, no matter how tall you are. You might have bigger problems than other guys, but our shirts aren't one of them.

Grab a short sleeve for a year-round staple you'll love, or check out our sweatshirts and sweatpants if you're looking for a warmer winter option. You won't regret it.

So here's to being tall! We have huge... problems - but t-shirts ain't one of them 🥂

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