Burning Man Men's Fashion

Burning Man Men's Fashion

Burning Man is a giant festival that is known by almost all Americans. It is known of its craziness and it’s lax for the law. This year it started on the 25th and will end this coming Monday, the 2nd of September. It is always held in the pop-up city of Black Rock. The city comes and goes to the party. Every year the Black Rock Desert fills with thousands of people and then several days later all that is left is the rabbits and the coyotes.

Along with all the chaos and partying, there is actually a certain influence on fashion. No one wears their normal day attire and goes out and purchases “Burning Man” fashionable clothing. This fashion is a mix of eastern desert wear and modern American style. Attendees use their clothing to speak for themselves. What you wear will tell everyone more about you.

Stacking pallets making a tall wooden statue of a man and burning it is truly American and turning it into a fashion show also seems to be a common American trend. When you head out to this years burning man make sure you are wearing what’s right and you will fit right in.

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