Are Taller Guys Better In Bed?

Are Taller Guys Better In Bed?

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This could be the most debated question of the century. Some might say yes, and others might say that it’s about the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat. The consensus is, however, that tall guys are harder to sleep with because they are so lanky and take up most of the bed.

I am over six-feet tall and my wife is just under 5 feet tall; our bed is a queen size and I get yelled at and hit almost every night for being too tall. I feel like I am staying on my side of the bed but I just can’t help but hit her in the face while I am sleeping. I like to sleep with my feet in one corner of the bed and my face in the adjacent. I do this because if I sleep parallel with the bed my feet hang off the edge.

Taller men might be “better in bed” but at the same time not be “better to sleep with”…These two things are something that you want to consider when picking a marital partner. Where there might be some benefit there is always some things that aren’t so great. So you be the judge, are taller guys better in bed?

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