Are Taller Toilets Better?

Are Taller Toilets Better?

Tall people like tall things. Tall showers, tall buildings, tall trees, and even tall toilets. But are they better for you? Let’s find out.

The taller you get the farther down the toilet begins to seem, the more you have to squat and the harder it is to stand back up. Toilet manufacturers have started producing taller toilets to cater to taller customers but it does not mean that they are better in any way.

It is actually quite the opposite, the more you squat the better you can “go”. The human body is actually designed to “go” squatting and in many countries that is how they do it. Just holes in the floor. It wasn’t until recent years that toilets started becoming a popular way to evacuate unwanted bowls. The reasons squatting is healthier is because your colon becomes less and less kinked the more you squat and your bowls release easier.

If you wish to have a tall toilet a great device to help you squat easier is called a Squatty-Potty. It is a stool that brings your knees closer to your chest, rather than bringing your butt closer to the floor.

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