World's Tallest Dog Breeds

World's Tallest Dog Breeds

People aren’t the only things that are tall out there, some of our dogs grow to great heights as well. These breeds range the gamut from bulky to wiry, but they’ve all have one thing in common: exceptional height. So, read on as we explore the world’s tallest dogs.

Great Dane

It was inevitable that the Great Dane would end up on this list. While they’re not the largest dogs out there, they’re impressively tall. The current and past champions of canine height are both Great Danes.

The world record holding dog was actually 7’4” long, making it tower over humans when it stands on its hind legs. The Great Dane is the first on the list and undoubtedly the tallest of all dogs. They’re not quite the size of a moose, but they try!


Tall and slim practically defines the greyhound. Many people only know them as track dogs, failing to realize their large size in person. Despite their height, however, they often top out at around 65 lbs.

These lanky speed demons reach from 26” to 30” in height. That’s right… a Greyhound can theoretically be as tall as a small Great Dane with about a third of their weight.

Their long, lanky body likes to sleep most of the day but can be off like a rocket while awake. And, given their odd dimensions, they may even be able to fit into your t-shirt.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are another breed renowned for their size. These sleek, curly-furred creatures can reach up to 35” at the shoulder which puts them in the big leagues when it comes to sizing.

The dog gathers its name from its historical quarry, rather than it’s resemblance to a wolf. They’re about as far from a wolf in fur, size, and build as you can get when it comes to dogs.

They tend to be on the calmer side or what breeders call “introversion.” It’s a good thing for owners, as a boisterous dog the size of an Irish Wolfhound would spell disaster for any household which is keeping them. Instead, they can quickly become a beloved part of the family.


All breeds of Mastiff have exceptional height. It’s just a feature, along with their incredible bulk. The average Mastiff can stand over 30” at the shoulder and weigh over 250 pounds. For reference, even the tallest Great Dane tends to top out at 200 pounds.

These burly dogs come in a variety of breeds, but the most famous is the English Mastiff. They often hold world records in dog size, but their height is our interest here.

Mastiffs appear to have descended from a common ancestral war breed, but today they can be found in loving homes. While their temper is far from their roots, their size certainly isn’t!

Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound comes from a noble lineage. Their impressive roots have put them at odds with most animals that humans hunt at one point or another. Australians even used them to hunt kangaroo!

The Scottish Deerhound, along with the Great Dane, was even used in the creation of the modern Irish Wolfhound. The close relation can be seen in their similar fur and build, although the Scottish Deerhound isn’t as bulky as it’s Irish offspring.

They uniformly stand 30” to 32” at the shoulder, making them one of the tallest canines in the world. These lanky hounds are also among the friendliest large breeds. Their training has made them docile and easy-going, just adding to their allure.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a dog bred to guard livestock, and with that big responsibility came a lot of power and size. As a general rule, they’ll stand somewhere between 27” and 32” tall and weigh up to 160 lbs.

With humans, they tend to be a gentle breed. They much prefer to laze about over high-speed antics, especially when the weather is warm. They do tend to come alive in the cold weather, however, which makes them much more suitable for some climates than others.

They’re instantly recognizable due to their snow-white coats. These allowed them to blend into the snow in their native climes, allowing them to more effectively protect their flocks. Like all tall dogs, they came from an important place but these days they’re content to take their earned rests!

Tall Dogs All Around

From the Great Dane to the Scottish Deerhound, one thing is clear: the world is abundant with tall breeds of dogs. While they may not all be suitable companions for everyone, their persistence shows their popularity. The truth is those good boys can be quite a bit taller than their owners!