Why Tall Buildings?

Why Tall Buildings?

Since the beginning of time man has had a hidden desire to build edifices that are bigger, taller, and better. We have seen this in biblical instances with the tower of babel and again with the ancient pyramids of Egypt. We seem to be born with an enate ability to desire to build thing bigger than before.

It seems as though every year someone decides to try to break the record for the tallest building in the world. With every inch higher there accompanies great engineering to keep that inch from falling to the ground.

Every city in the world seems to have tall buildings near the most desired part of the city. Rather than building outward, we build upward to keep everything close together. This comes at a cost, our work and living quarters are multidimensional and shoot high into the skies but our roadways are one dimensional. Which means that at the end of the day we all move from standing on top of each other to standing side by side. This is why we see bumper to bumper traffic and sidewalks packed end to end with people and their bags. It almost doesn’t seem like building tall buildings is even worth it but we can not defeat our natural desire to always “go big”.

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