Why Are Tall Guys Intimidating?

Why Are Tall Guys Intimidating?

An advantage of towering over your peers is the awesome fact that just because you are taller than them you automatically win the intimidation game. For tall people, you probably don’t notice the biggest person in the room because most of the time it is you. For short people, however, it is often the first thing that is noticed.

Since the beginning of time, a males stature was a sign of power. Much focus was put upon the stature to make the male seem as if he was bigger than he was. Heels were worn and large body plates were put on the chest to create the illusion of larger stature.

The reason that taller people are found to be intimidation by so many people is because of a primal recognition of power. In the animal kingdom, there exist hierarchies. In these hierarchies we often find the “alpha male”, or in other words the largest strongest mammal of the group. Whether you believe that humans are the same as animals is beside the point. The fact that there is a primal recognition for stature is something that is engraved into our minds. This is why meeting people that have a larger stature than you will make you feel so intimidated.

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