What To Focus On When You're Dressing Your Tall Frame

What To Focus On When You're Dressing Your Tall Frame

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Dressing the tall frame of a tall man can be the most stressful part of a tall man’s life. But it doesn’t need to end in a complete disaster that you parade around on your body all day and call clothes. Try these tips to make building your wardrobe a little more relaxing and wearing your wardrobe a little more enjoyable.

#1 Bridle your kicks

Tall men already have big feet. We don’t need to make them bigger by wearing jumbo-sized war boots on them. If you’re going for the modern slimmer vibe, make sure your shoes match that vibe. Go for sleek with a narrow toe and a slim sole.

#2 Two-button rule

There’s a lot of short people out there telling tall men to wear double-breasted suits because they “hide” our height. This could be good advice depending on what decade you live in. At present, double-breasted suits aren’t exactly “in.” However, that’s not saying they couldn’t be worn consciously as a bold statement. Otherwise, stick with the classic two-button. They’ve been classy all century. The lapels sit higher up and add width to the shoulders.

#3 Wear pants that fit

This may be a difficult feat, however, it is a worthwhile one. If pants fit properly, you should be able to feel the fabric on your legs. If you can’t feel it, your pants are too big. Here’s a good measurable standard: the bottom of the pant leg should measure at about 9.5 inches wide. That means from your thigh down, there should be a slight taper. This is especially true for taller guys with a 13-plus shoe size.

#4 Learn to layer

Sometimes, try as we might, some things just don’t fit. That’s when layering comes in handy. Now layering certainly can’t save you from such tragedies as the Man-Belly Shirt or The Sail, it can save you from just-barely-too-short sleeves. A sweater might be a little too short, but with a longer t-shirt or button-down underneath, it may look just right. Layering can create a longer line with various pieces together.

#5 Rock prints right

For the tall frame, prints should be small. Stripes shouldn’t be too wide, nor the checkers too broad. Also, tall man can legitimately pull off horizontal stripes without worrying about appearing too wide. They can actually be a good way to interrupt the overwhelming vertical line that is your body. Remember, pulling off patterns is all about wearing them in doses and not overwhelming.

#6 Find brands that cater to your body

Some brands just like tall people. Like Levi’s for jeans and TallSlim Tees for shirts. At TallSlim Tees, we know tall people exist, because we’re tall too. So while it may still be difficult to find the right fit for certain items of your wardrobe, you can know that when it comes to t-shirts—we’ve got you covered.