What Dad Are You? 6 Types Explained

What Dad Are You? 6 Types Explained

As Father's Day approaches, you might wonder - how do your kids really view you? Take our quiz and read about each type to find out which "dad type" you are...

As Father's Day approaches, you might wonder - how do your kids really view you? Are you the handyman and fix-it-all? Are you the dad who can't resist a practical joke? Or are you the coveted "cool dad" whose kids brag about them at recess?

If you're truly curious, take our quick Dad Quiz to find the answer - and see which "dad type" you really are...

But if you want to decide for yourself, here are the 6 "dad types" - so you can see which one is the best fit:

1. Cool Dad

Cool Dad Wearing TallSlim

Ah, the cool dad. He doesn't even have to try - he just is cool. You know you're a cool dad if you overhear your kids arguing with their friends about whose dad is stronger. Another indicator? If you still get IDed at restaurants.

Shop Cool Dad: Cool dads pull off a tall hoodie and sweatpants like it's nobody's business. And in the summer? A well-fitting tee.

2. Sporty Dad

Sporty Dad Wearing TallSlim

The sporty dad has likely used his kid as a free weight at some point. His biggest (if not paradoxical) goal in life is to teach his kids how to excel in sports & fitness - without ever surpassing his abilities. He's an athlete for life, even as a dad.

Shop Sporty Dad: The sporty dad needs clothing that keeps up with his lifestyle - which is why his go to's are athletic shirts and gym shorts.

3. Responsible Dad

Dad Wearing TallSlim Clothing

If you're the responsible dad, your family trusts you to always know the answer. You make sure your kids are wearing sunscreen, probably have a parenting book on your bookshelf, and pride yourself in your job. When your kids are on a sugar high, you are the calm in the chaos.

Shop Responsible Dad: The responsible dad wears clothes with that perfect blend of style & function - so he often wears jeans and a comfortable polo.

4. Dorky Dad

Dad Wearing Tall Button Up

You're a Dorky Dad if you intend on watching allll the Star Wars and Star Trek episodes with your kids before they move out (whether they think it's cool or not). You secretly love helping your kids with their homework, and you have an impressive book collection.

Shop Dorky Dad: The dorky dad has some class - he rocks a button up and khakis often.

5. Adventurous Dad

Dad Wearing Tall Tank Top

Life did not slow down when kids came into the picture - hikes just got heavier. You know you're the Adventurous Dad if you find joy in getting lost, catching dinner, watching sunsets, and getting your hands dirty. You probably built the shed in your backyard, and you're always down to try new cuisines.

Shop Adventurous Dad: The adventurous dad is always prepared for whatever comes his way, so he wears breathable joggers, a moisture-wicking t-shirt, and a jacket in case it gets cold.

6. Comedian Dad

Dad Wearing TallSlim Tees

The Comedian Dad always has a dad joke up his sleeve! He can't resist playing a practical joke on his kids, and he lives to jump scare his wife. He carries the conversation when he's hanging with the guys, and he's ready with "that's what she said" at any given moment.

Shop Comedian Dad: The comedian dad values comfort over all else, which is why he reaches for a classic v-neck tee and shorts for his daily outfit.

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