Wedding Dress Tips For Tall Brides

Wedding Dress Tips For Tall Brides

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Your wedding day may be just around the corner and while there are many plans to be made, the wedding dress is at the top of most brides’ lists. We have a few tips for all the tall brides out there to help you find the perfect dress for your perfect day.

When it comes to wedding dresses, most are made with a taller frame in mind. However, if you are over 6 feet, you may find the wedding dress you love barely skims the ground. When looking for the perfect wedding dress, be sure to check the hem of the dress. A deep hem will give make it possible to add needed inches. Also, always choose your wedding shoes or at least have an idea of your heel height when trying dresses on and especially before any alterations are done.

Different shapes of a dress can either accentuate or play down your height, depending on what you would prefer. Sheath dresses and column wedding dresses really play up the height of a bride. On the other hand, ball gown styles or ballerina styles with a full skirt and a low waist help make height less noticeable by balancing height with width. For those who want to take away attention from their height, you might consider a belt or a sash of flowers in contrasting colors to your dress which will help break up your height. It is advised to steer clear of any dresses with empire waists, which isn’t as flattering for a long figure.

Strapless and sleeveless wedding dresses can draw attention to long arms. As well, strapless or a scooped neckline will give the effect of shortening the width of wide shoulders. Long sleeves or three-fourths sleeves give an elegant appearance, but high-neck long sleeved dresses are not recommended for tall brides.

Most importantly, find a dress that you feel comfortable and feel like yourself in. What draws attention to the beaming bride is one who stands with confidence and happiness, which is what any bride deserves on her wedding day.