Tips For Tall Dancers

Tips For Tall Dancers

Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you can’t be graceful or have precision when it comes to dance moves. While some tall dancers might fear they stick out because of their height, they need to remember that they do have an advantage of using more levels because of their height, which will add more contrast to their dancing. However, to reach different levels you will need more strength to reach lower levels compared to shorter dancers. Plies are a basic dance move used in many forms of dance.

Shorter dancers can get by with a slight bend of the knee with a plie, but taller dancers will need a wider stance and more bend to their knees to help keep a lower center of gravity. To reach those lower levels, you need to work your plies so they are deeper and more controlled. This will help whether you dance ballet or hip hop. Strong and controlled plies require lots of thigh strength, so squats, lunges and plies themselves will help.

Also stretching your hamstring and Achilles tendon (the tendon that runs at the back of your foot and heel) will give the needed flexibility for deeper plies.

Good posture is another aspect that will increase your control and grace when it comes to dancing. Sometimes those who are tall are plagued with bad posture because the world is made for the average-sized person. All that bending over to hear or talk to a friend, or slouching in class or a theater so those behind you can see, leads to bad posture. Stronger back muscles is what is needed to improve posture and something that can help with that is doing yoga. has an article here with positions that will help your posture: (

Last of all, remember to use your height. Sometimes as a tall dancer, it is easy to feel like you should make your movements smaller to fit in with the shorter dancers, but this will actually make you look more awkward. Use the full length of your limbs when it comes to various dance moves and don’t hold back just because you are tall.