Tips For Tall Brides (Part 2)

Tips For Tall Brides (Part 2)

We covered all the tips for tall brides when it comes to picking a perfect dress. However, what about everything else? Here are a few thoughts for tall brides when it comes to hair, shoes and veils.

Hair: Remember that your hair style can either play up your height or minimize it. If you want to highlight your height, wear your hair high in an elegant bun or a high updo. If you want to downplay your height go with a low updo at the base of your neck or wear your hair down. Discuss with your hairstylist what hairstyles look best with your face shape and make sure to have a practice run with your hairstylist before the big day so they understand exactly what you want.

Flats vs Heels: If you love playing up your height, then go with heels! Choose what you feel most comfortable in. Remember, if you are wearing a floor length dress, your shoes won’t be seen. Keep comfort in mind as one of your top goals when it comes to shoes since you will be on your feet most of the day. Some brides choose flats for this very reason and there are some very elegant flats out there. Make sure whatever shoe you choose, to wear them when you get your dress altered.

Accessories: Since there is more length to you as a tall bride, you can get away with more embellishments. However, if your dress is covered in details, simple accessories are wise to balance out your look. If you would rather to detract from your height, simple jewelry or focus on one decadent accessory can help. Classy chokers or long, dangling earrings can play up long, elegant necks.

Veil: Good news for tall brides, any veil will work great with your height! Since you have added length, a long veil won’t make it appear that you are drowning in fabric like someone who is shorter.