The Most Fuel Efficient Cars For Tall Drivers

The Most Fuel Efficient Cars For Tall Drivers

We all know that massive SUVs are spacious vehicles with enough room for the tallest and largest of drivers. It’s also well-known that SUVs are also gas guzzlers, which is a big problem for those of us looking for fuel economy. The Mercedes Benz AMG-G65 clocks in at a disastrous 12 miles per gallon and even the most fuel-efficient SUV, the Jeep Cherokee 4X2, only gets an average 25 miles to the gallon. Awhile back we wrote an article that featured which cars accommodate for tall drivers. But what if you’re a tall driver who is looking for a car that will not only feel spacious, but will leave some money in your pocket by making your gas tank last that extra mile?

Here’s a list of seven of the most fuel-efficient cars for tall drivers.

1. 2016 Chevy Impala (22 city/30 highway)

The Impala was given an extensive overhaul in 2014, when designers revamped the car with an emphasis on just about everything: style, technology, fuel economy, equipment and even driving experience. The 2016 model continues the trend, and comes standard with a power adjustable driver’s seat to help you find your comfortable driving position. The driver and front passenger are each afforded 39.9 inches of headroom and a very generous 45.8 inches of front leg room, making this car perfect for tall drivers. The gas mileage comes in at 22 city/30 highway mpg for a lasting ride on a single tank.

2. 2016 Subaru Legacy (26 city/36 highway)

The Legacy scores well in the areas of comfort and safety, with a modern upscale interior and cutting-edge safety features such as Subaru’s EyeSight safety system. It’s also near the top of its class in fuel economy, clocking in at a handsome 26 city/36 highway miles per gallon. The Legacy features a cozy interior with ample lumbar support, and front seat occupants receive plenty of space, too—40 inches of headroom and 42.9 inches of legroom, earning it a solid spot on this list of fuel efficient cars for tall drivers.

3. 2016 Kia Optima (28 city/39 highway)

The 2016 Optima received a makeover that offered more room, more power, a quieter cabin and more standard features for the model. An Optima driver and the front seat passenger are allotted 40 inches of headroom as well as an impressive 45.5 inches of front leg room, which ties for the most leg room on this list. Combine that spacious interior with a 28 city/39 highway mpg and you’ve got a solid contender for the most affordable, spacious, economic vehicle you can choose as a tall driver.

4. 2017 Hyundai Sonata (28 city/36 highway)

The Sonata’s often found at the top of various midsize car rankings, thanks in part to its supportive front seats and its generous list of standard features, and on this list, it’s no different, due to its generous 28 city/36 highway mpg. The 2017 Hyundai Sonata offers front row occupants 40.4 inches of headroom and an impressive 45.5 inches of leg room, making it easy to stretch out and shake out your long limbs when you need to.

5. 2017 Nissan Versa Note (31 city/39 highway)

The Note is a hatchback version of the Versa, so accomplishing these interior dimensions is really quite a feat. The manual transmission version of the Note is one of the cheapest cars you can buy new in the United States right now. This model has 40.8 inches of front headroom and 41.3 inches of front legroom, and features an enormous back seat and great fuel economy (31 city/39 highway). The materials used to build this vehicle aren’t the most impervious to damage, but it still proves to be a cost-effective choice for any tall driver looking to get on the road and pay less per fuel-up.

6. 2017 Honda Fit (33 city/40 highway)

Though 39.5 inches of headroom might not turn your head if it’s part of a larger vehicle, look at how small the 2017 Fit really is, and this measure becomes much more of an accomplishment. Importantly, driver and front passenger get 41.4 inches of leg room, making the 2017 Honda Fit a great option for tall people who also want economic fuel efficiency. The 2017 Honda Fit gets 33 city/40 highway mpg, making it more fuel efficient and internally spacious than its larger counterpart, the Honda CRV.

7. 2017 Nissan Leaf (124 city/101 highway)

Nissan’s little Leaf is known primarily as one of the most affordable and best-selling electric cars in the world. And similar to most other electric cars, its dimensions are small. However, the Leaf is likely to surprise big and tall drivers with its comfortable interior proportions. This compact hatchback offers 41.2 inches of headroom and 42.1 inches of front leg room (same as the Toyota Avalon, a slightly larger vehicle). With dimensions like these, the Leaf could usher electric cars in as one of the best options for tall and larger drivers.