The Best Tinder Bios for Tall Guys (Hilarious)

The Best Tinder Bios for Tall Guys (Hilarious)

Here's the truth, your Tinder bio is just as important as the photos you choose to feature. Check out our witty + hilarious Tinder bios for tall guys here...

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Here's the truth, your Tinder bio is just as important as the photos you choose to feature. Which is why we collected some incredible Tinder bios for tall guys so you can up your Tinder game.

Whether you're looking for your soul mate or a casual summer hookup, making sure your bio reflects who you are is important. 

What Makes a Great Tinder Bio:

What makes great Tinder bios for tall guys? The question must be answered before we dish out a few funny, witty, and attractive bio examples. Here's what women value most when checking out your Tinder bio:

Tall Guy Wearing Tall T-Shirt

1. Be Honest

You're a tall guy ~ which means you don't have to lie about your height! And if you want any relationship to start on the right foot, honesty comes first. Be honest with your job; integrity and honesty are attractive. Don't exaggerate your height. And don't mention hobbies you aren't really interested in! Just be yourself.

Nothing is more disappointing than going on a date with someone who looks nothing like their profile photo. Make sure you are honest with your photos as well! Don't be afraid to smile, make sure your photos reflect your personality, and be confident. Remember: honestly is more sexy than any shirtless photo.

2. Keep it Simple, Short, and Funny

In other words, let your personality shine through your bio. Tinder bios for tall guys are simple: just be yourself. If you're a class clown type of guy, throw in a joke. If you're more straightforward, let your personality shine through (a lot of women are attracted to clear expectations).

Keep your bio short as well. No one goes on dating sites to read a novel. Keep it short and sweet, with only the details you feel are most important. Your bio should be skimmable, enough for you to catch her eye and make her pause to swipe right.

Tall Guys Wearing Tall T-Shirts

3. Be Yourself

This goes hand-in-hand with being honest, but it's worth highlighting. At the risk of sounding cheesy, there is only one you in the world, and it would be a disservice to hide you by presenting a dating app bio that's more a mask than anything. Being confident in yourself is sexy, so give it a shot.

So what does authenticity look like in Tinder bios for tall guys? Include photos that are genuine. If that means including a goofy photo that's maybe a little embarrassing, go for it. Women love men who don't care what others think and are confident in themselves.

4. Include Your Height, Tall Kings

You're a tall, slim guy. Your body type is basically the male ideal, and if you hadn't heard, women are usually attracted to the tall guys. So include your height! Many women have height requirements (as silly as that sounds), so seeing that you check off all her boxes is important.

Of course, don't be a jerk about it. Your height obviously isn't your only personality trait, and it shouldn't be the focus of your dating app bio. But it's okay to mention it ~ a humble flex is perfectly fine every once in a while;).

Tall Guys Wearing Tall Clothing

5. Not Just for Tinder!

These Tinder bios for tall guys are not just for Tinder! Whether you're using Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, or any other dating site, writing a good bio is just as important. And the tips for crafting just the write blurb apply to them all!

So if you're not in the Tinder scene, you might still be able to use some of these Tinder bios for tall guys on your other dating apps. They'll work just as well! Check them out below:

The Best Tinder Bios for Tall Guys:

So you're ready to craft just the right Tinder bio. You're determined to be honest, genuine, and witty (with a sprinkle of humble brag about your height).

We brainstormed and collected a few Tinder bios for tall guys you can surf through to steal or gather inspiration from below... but this is only the beginning! Get creative and craft your own: it'll be even more authentic and attractive. Good luck, you tall kings!

Tall Guys Wearing Tall T-Shirts

  1. Might have to bend over to kiss the top of your head... still worth it, though.
  2. Wear whatever heels you want, you won’t be taller than me.
  3. Professional lightbulb changer
  4. Want to have my NBA babies?
  5. Trust me, I meet your height requirement 😉
  6. I'm 6 ft ~, the perfect big spoon.
  7. 6'5" and I'm not lying about it (like all the other guys).
  8. I'm 6'6" and EVERYTHING is in proportion.
  9. Searching for a fellow giraffe!
  10. The best part about being this tall is being able to see cute girls like you in a crowd.
  11. 5'17" and want to be on your team 😎
  12. I'm the average height in the NBA
  13. Here to be your BFG (Big Friendly Giant)
  14. Some people call me Everest, other a Gentle Giant. All I want to be called is yours 😏
  15. I hit my head on doorways, but I'd rather be hitting on you
  16. Ladies, keep your expectations high... I'll be able to reach them 😎
  17. I may be big, but I have an even bigger heart

That's all we have for now, but like we said before, this is only the beginning. Get creative and craft your own bio ~ the ladies will love it;).

Good luck finding your miss! Don't forget to comment your favorite Tinder bios for tall guys below... we'd love to hear your ideas.

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