Tall T Price Comparisons Across The Board

Tall T Price Comparisons Across The Board

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When all you need is a t-shirt, it should be easy to just pop into any old shop and grab a shirt. But if you have the double whammy of being both tall and slender, that quick trip can quickly turn into an extremely frustrating hunt for the elusive, well-fitting t-shirt.

Department Store T-Shirt Shuffle

Say you take a gander into J.C. Penney’s as it doesn’t seem unreasonable that a big box retailer would have a plain white t-shirt in your size.

Well you would be wrong.

The J.C. Penney men’s tall section starts with offering large sized shirts, which will leave slender men swimming in fabric. And to top it off, they don’t even offer a plain white shirt for slim, tall men.

So for $25 dollars or more, you can find a men’s tall (starting in a large), with an unlisted length, that isn’t even white.

Women may have slightly better chances at that store, with a few tall options to choose from J.C. Penney’s shelves. However, their options:

  • Start at $18
  • Several semi-transparent with only one non-translucent one
  • Longest length is 27”

Where as here at Tall Slim Tees, our women’s tees can be as long as 29” and the men’s can be as long as 33”. Both retail for $20 for this excellent wardrobe staple.

Online Only Clothing Store

After being disappointed by the physical clothing stores, you’ve likely turned to online clothing retailers. Well, if you didn’t come directly to Tall Slim Tees, you may be in for a disappointment depending if you are a man or woman.

An online-only store gaining popularity is ASOS (As Seen On Stars). They have a fairly decent selection for men’s tall white t-shirts, with costs ranging from $13 – $26. However, we can’t vouch for the quality of the materials.

However, if you are a tall woman looking for any t-shirt at ASOS, you are out of luck. While they have a wide selection of clothing for shorter women, unless you want a grey tank top, they have nothing under the tag of tall women’s t-shirts and tanks.

Skip The Hassle

Rather from running from store-to-store or spending hours browsing and buying, only to receive an inferior product, skip the hassle. Here at Tall Slim Tees, we guarantee an easy experience and the ability to find a shirt perfect for you.