Some Fashion Tips For The Tall Slim Man

So you’re tall and slim. Welcome to the club. The key to dressing as a tall, slim man is trying not to look so obviously slim and tall. This can be tough to pull off, but not impossible. Follow these tips and you’ll be fine.

First off, you’ll want to stock up on TallSlim Tees. Obviously they are pretty freaking awesome. They will fit you perfectly and will help you look a little less tall and skinny because your shirt won’t expose your belly and won’t be overly baggy.

Second, if you are going to wear shorts, please make sure they are 13″ inseam. Anything shorter looks, well, too short. If you’ve got long legs, cover them up. If you are wearing pants, you should be looking exclusively at straight leg fit. There are two reasons for this. The lack of a taper helps on really long legs and you get to wear your pants more on your hips and less at your waist. Why does that matter? Your hips are wider than your waist, so instead of needing a 32″ waist on your pants you could work with a 34″ since it is on your hips. And because they are riding lower on you the length doesn’t need to be quite as long, so you might be able to get away with a 34″ length instead of a 36″.

Let me ask you something, do you ever see 32×36 pants on the racks? How about 34×34? See what I mean?

Now let’s talk about dressing up. We will soon have polo shirts, button up shirts and ties. So check them out when we do. In the meantime, just avoid vertical stripes on your shirts and suits. They only make you look more vertical, something we are trying to avoid. Thinner tends to be better because you are thinner. So opt for a thinner tie (not a skinny tie, big difference). Go for thinner lapels on your jackets. These will have a slimming effect and will look better on you since you will appear properly proportioned.

When it comes to hair styles you’ll want to try and avoid anything that spikes your hair straight up. Again, vertical is not the aim here. Go for something with a little volume, so not a shaved head. If you can have a little length on the sides and the top and keep things looking flatter you will have a more proportional looking face. If you can add facial hair, go for it, that will only help the look.

That covers the basics. Follow these tips and start looking better. You’re welcome.