Sam Shares a Touching Story on His Family "Chain"

Sam Shares a Touching Story on His Family "Chain"

TallSlim owner Sam shares a touching story about his family "chain" - and how his late grandmother has impacted his family in so many ways. Read here!
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In light of Women’s History Month, I’ve been reflecting upon the women who have had a significant impact on my life.

I’ve been blessed by some amazing women throughout my life, but the woman with the greatest generational impact on me and my family is my late grandmother.

There are so many examples of the strength my grandmother exhibited throughout her long life. She raised 4 children (a feat in and of itself), including my father, in Grand Island, Nebraska. She taught in the public school system in Grand Island until retirement age. She lived alone and independently well into her 80s.

Sam's Grandmother from TallSlim Tees

Her husband, my grandfather, a respected lawyer and aspiring politician in Nebraska, passed away in 1960 after a battle with lymphoma. He left behind my grandmother and her 4 children. 

My grandmother has been the matriarch of my father’s family as long as I can remember (and more). She endured so much as a single mother. I regularly reflect upon how her perseverance has allowed me, 2 generations later, and my children, 3 generations later, so many opportunities. 

Sam's Grandmother from TallSlim Tees

I sometimes view family trees as a chain link, with the top link of the chain holding the most weight, and just one broken link from breaking the chain. My grandmother had so much stacked against her that she could have easily given up. But she didn’t - she fought the good fight and gave everything for the sake of future generations.

I have been blessed with so many strong, courageous women in my “chain link” and I am continually amazed by the women in my life. Being a mom is undoubtedly a heavy load to bear, but I see so many examples of women embracing the challenge and becoming that strong link to support many generations to come.

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