Reasons We're Grateful to be Tall

Reasons We're Grateful to be Tall

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There are plenty of tall people problems listed around the Internet that can make us chuckle, but with Thanksgiving here, there are also plenty of reasons to be grateful for your lengthy stature. In no particular order, here are the top ten reasons we are grateful to be tall.

#1 – The top shelf.

There is no need to get a stool when you don’t even have to stand on your tip-toes to reach the top shelf. It is even more helpful in a store when you can get items yourself and not have to ask for assistance from a store clerk. Your height can be a time saver.

#2 – You can see over the crowd

Whether you are at a crowded party or an outdoor concert, you will always have the best views of what is going on up on stage or finding a friend who is across the room.

#3 – You Can Eat More

Having a lengthy body requires more calories than what is needed for a short person. Plus, if you gain a few pounds after all the turkey and pie, it isn’t as noticeable because it spreads out over your long body.

#4 – You Get Your Own Holiday!

It’s True! International Hug a Tall Person Day is a real thing. A Facebook group with over 1.2 million members declared this day to be February 11th with the intent to give tall individuals hugs so they don’t feel left out.

#5 – Taller People Get Paid More

According to, tall people get paid $789 more per inch per year! Think of it as a clothing bonus, since buying jeans that are long enough generally costs more money.

#6 – As a Kid, You Got to Ride all the Rollercoasters.

Remember the “You Must Be This Tall” signs at every rollercoaster entrance in every amusement park? Your shorter friends may have cringed, hoping they would make it on, but you breezed right on through to enjoy every twist and turn.

#7 – You Get Chosen First for Sports

Even if you aren’t good at sports, you will probably be chosen for the effect of intimidation. If you are good at sports, all the better!

#8 – No Need for Heels.

You don’t have to wear heels for long, lovely legs because you already have them! However, if you want to wear heels, you can pull it off and look like a model.

#9 – Best Seat in the Car

Because your legs won’t cram in the back seat, you get to be right by the driver every time, enjoying a little extra room.

#10 – Height is Viewed as Attractive

The cliché sigh-worthy phrase “Tall, Dark and Handsome” is thrown around to describe the perfect guy. You can’t help but notice that “tall” is the first criteria to be mentioned. For ladies, being tall puts you in the same line up as models. In the dating world, tall is definitely a good thing.