Musings of Tall Male Celebrities Regarding Their Height

Musings of Tall Male Celebrities Regarding Their Height

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Late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien (6’4’’) when responding to reports that he stands anywhere from 6-foot-5 to 6-foot-8, joked, “I’m not radioactive. I’m not growing out of control. I’m 6’4’’.”

Chevy Chase (6’4’) said, “A lot of people think I’m shorter than I am, and that has always bothered me. Most people think I’m around 5’10’’.”

Comedian and actor, Bob Saget (6’4’’) joked, “I dance in public because I’m 6-foot-4 and I look like Big Bird.”

Jason Segel (6’4’’) shared the struggles of growing tall quickly in acting. “There were some super-lean years, yeah. I’m 6-foot-4 and I entered into this period all of a sudden when I was too big to play a kid and I was too young to play an adult. Like, I couldn’t play the lawyer, but I couldn’t play the high school kid anymore.”

Liam Neeson (6’4’’) said, “At the age of 16 I started to sprout up, I’m 6-foot-4 now.”

Vince Vaughn (6’5’’) shares the struggles all tall people know of finding clothes that fit. “I was never a big fashion person, and so I’m sure I wore whatever. I was growing, and so I just wore whatever clothes that weren’t that expensive and made sense at the time. But I’m sure that I look back and say, ‘What was I thinking?’ My adolescence was more in the ‘80s and that’s more my cross to bear.”

Tyler Perry (6’5’’) shares, “All my life I’ve tried to hide my height. I was taller than everybody else and stood out, so I would slouch and try to hide it. But with what I’ve been able to do with my body, I’m owning it. I’m standing up when I walk into a room.”

Peter Mayhew (7’3’’) the actor who played the infamous Chewbacca in the original Star Was said, “Incognito doesn’t really apply once you pass the seven-foot mark.” He also shared about his experience playing of Chewbacca when he said, “As if seven feet of height was not convincing enough, Freeborn added lifts to raise Chewie to eight feet.”

Tim Robbins (6’4.5’’) the tallest man to win an Oscar, said, “I’m 6-foot-4 and a half and I have a temper. It’s reserved for very important issues.”

When asked about his height, Dwayne Johnson (6’4’’) joked, “I have 6-inch lifts in my sneakers. I’m actually 5’9’’.”

Musician, John Mayer (6’3’’) said, “People do seem surprised at how tall I really am, 6’3’’. Someone came up to me yesterday and said, ‘You’re tall!’ I said, ‘Thank you… you’re a little fat.’”

When discussing his height on Conan O’Brein’s show, Armie Hammer (6’5’’) said, “This (my height) kept me from getting jobs for a long time. I was too tall to play the young version of whomever, too big for this and that and too tall to stand next to whoever.”

Scottish singer-songwriter DJ, Calvin Harris (6’5’’) said, “Reaching the height of 6’ 5’’, I never expected to be that tall. I just shot up.”

Basketball great, LeBron James (6’7’’) joked, “I don’t know how tall I am or how much I weigh, because I don’t want anybody to know my identity. I’m like a superhero. Call me Basketball Man.”