17+ Tips for Mens Closet Organization (Cheap and Easy)

17+ Tips for Mens Closet Organization (Cheap and Easy)

Start the year on the right foot by organizing your closet! Here are 17+ tips on easy, cheap closet organization for tall guys.

I don’t know about you, but after the new year begins, my closet is always a mess. Having a clean, organized closet is necessary to speed up your morning routine, and it doesn’t take much effort. We’ve collected 17 easy, cost-effective ideas for mens closet organization in 2022.

We know they can help you have a fresh start this year. Check them out below:

1. Add a Rod to Double-Stack Shirts

A lot of closets are designed to fit longer clothing like dresses and jumpsuits. But if the only thing you hang in your closet is shirts, there’s a lot of wasted space!

A great way to maximize space and maintain closet organization is to add a second hanging rod below the first. You’ll have double the space and your closet will look much more organized. You can find hanging rods pretty much anywhere, but we love this wooden closet rod.

Make sure each hanging section of your closet is at least 42-45 inches high, and you should be good to go. Since men’s clothing is a little bit longer than women’s, you’ll need to budget a little extra space to make sure your shirts don’t bunch up on the floor.

For taller guys, err on the side of giving extra space, since your shirts are probably a little bit longer. At TallSlim Tees, our 50/50 Original Long Sleeves come to between 38 and 42 inches in length (including the hanger), so you’ll probably want to budget at least 45 inches to make sure your shirts to bunch up on the ground.

mens closet organization

2. Use a Rack For Your Ties

Another way to keep up with mens closet organization and keep your ties in good condition is to use a tie rack. Our favorite is this wooden tie rack, but you can find many others that are cheaper or classier. Designs range from cheap plastic hanging racks to custom sliding racks that can be installed into your closet. Whatever you prefer, you won’t regret getting one for yourself.

Having a tie rack keeps your ties from getting wrinkles or creased. It also speeds up your morning routine before heading out to work. When you have all your ties organized in one place, you can find what you need faster.

hanging mens ties

3. Use Drawers With Dividers to Organize Underwear

If you have an underwear drawer, keep everything organized by putting dividers in your drawer. This will help you separate underwear, socks, and anything else you keep in drawers. Plus, it will make finding your things in the morning much easier.

These drawer dividers will get the job done, but there are all kinds out there to organize your closet! Just fit them to your drawer and separate underwear, socks, bow ties, etc. in the different compartments. You won’t be fumbling around in the morning with a clean, organizer drawer like this.

4. Roll Your Ties

Another way to store your ties safely is to roll them and tuck them in drawers. This method allows you to look at all the colors you have much easier.

Of course, you could always use dividers like the ones mentioned above. But since rolled up ties are much smaller than socks and underwear, we suggest getting a separate organizer.

This honeycomb organizer is perfect for rolled up ties and fits seamlessly into dresser drawers. Just roll up all your ties, tuck them inside, and keep your closet in tip-top shape.

rolled mens ties

5. Use a Jewelry Organizer For Watches, Cuff Links, & Cologne

Jewelry organizers are not just for women. These things can do wonders for the chaos of your current watch, cuff link, and cologne organization method.

Jewelry organizers like this rustic one can hold and separate all your manly accessories without losing them in the mess. They usually have individual places to store your watches. They also come with extra compartments for sunglasses, cuff links, tie clips, cologne, and anything else you don’t want clanging around in your dresser drawers. This is a great hack for mens closet organization.

6. Use a Rack or Hooks For Belts

Your wife will be a fan of this one. Install a belt rack like this in your closet and there will be more than enough room to hang both your belts. This will keep them in good condition and make them easily accessible.

Belt hooks are easy to install and can also hold jewelry, hats, or bags. Whatever you use it for, it’s a great addition to your mens closet organization plan.

mens belt

7. Organize By Style, Then By Color

It’s important to separate your clothing into different styles before you organize by color. For instance, hang your workout clothes separate from your work clothes. Then, (if you feel so inclined) organize by color afterward.

Organizing like this will help you find what you need in the morning quickly and efficiently. Plus, it’ll look pretty spiffy once you have everything separated.

8. Use Matching Hangers

My closet is full of random hangers I’ve acquired throughout the years, but it doesn’t look organized at all. Having a complete hanger reset can do wonders to a messy closet.

Buy simple black hangers or classy wooden ones to coordinate your closet. Once all your hangers are matching, your eyes won’t be so overwhelmed by the different types. You’ll be able to focus on picking out the right outfit better, which is worth maintaining closet organization.

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9. Fold Your Sweaters

Hanging sweaters can cause them to develop bumps on the shoulders, which you likely won’t notice until you’re standing in a public restroom wondering why your shoulder bone looks so pronounced.

Prevent this embarrassing moment by folding all your sweaters and storing them on shelves or in drawers. They’ll stay in better condition and you won’t have to worry about any weird lumps forming. This is key to mens closet organization success.

folded sweaters

10. Use a Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are a must for an organized closet. Keep your shoes from cluttering the floor by storing them on shelving or a simple rack you can store on your closet floor.

Even if you don’t have that many pairs of shoes, it’s nice to have them elevated so you can see which ones you can pick from. I can’t tell you how many times I lost a pair of shoes in the shadows of my closet and forgot about them for weeks. Maybe I should invest in a shoe rack myself…

mens shoe rack

11. Organize Shoes with Hanging Organizer

If you don’t have room on your closet floor for a shoe rack, a hanging shoe organizer might be a better option. Just hang it on the back of your closet door. Store up to 12 pairs of shoes without taking up any extra space!

This Hanging Shoe Organizer was our favorite, but there are tons out there to choose from. They can hold up to 40 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking. Plus, the hooks at the top of the door are nearly invisible from the other side, so you won’t even know it’s there.

12. Best Mens Closet Organization Tip: Put Empty Hangers at the Front Right Away

Here’s a huge life hack: as soon as you pull a shirt off a hanger to wear, put that empty hanger at the front of your closet right away.

This will help you keep track of how many hangers you have and it will make your closet look much cleaner. You won’t be fumbling around for empty hangers when you’re unloading clean laundry, and you won’t mistake an empty hanger for holding something important.

mens matching hangers

13. Hang Pants to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Nothing is worse than putting on a pair of jeans only to find they’re wrinkled. A great way to prevent that from happening is to hang your pants on hangers or hooks.

Pant hangers are a great way to hang pants right alongside your shirts without getting them wrinkled. You might also want to try pant hooks. I personally prefer pant hangers because they don’t pull on the belt loops, but both create a much cleaner, organized closet through simple mens closet organization!

folded mens jeans

14. Hang Hats on Hooks

Hats are really tough to store tastefully in a closet, but we think hooks are the answer. Much like the belt rack above, a hat rack might be the key to making your closet shine.

This hat and coat rack is classy and modern. It can hold anything from hats and your wife’s purses, to jackets and scarves. There are also special hangers for hats that can easily fit on a closet rod, if that’s more your style.

Whatever you prefer, hanging your hats will make them much easier to access, which is key to mens closet organization.

15. Use Two Laundry Baskets

I only suggest using this rule if you usually have to do two loads of laundry (like delicates and regular, whites and darks), or if you do a lot of dry-cleaning. If you struggle to separate your laundry on washing day, it might be worthwhile to set up two laundry baskets in your closet.

These double laundry baskets look pretty dang cool. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, I’d suggest checking out Target or Walmart.

mens double laundry hamper

16. Store Seasonal Clothing in Bins

Seasonal stuff takes up a lot of room in your closet. It might be a good idea to store it away while you’re not using it.

For instance, during the winter you can easily take your swim trunks and fold them in a bin until next summer. In summer, putting away your winter jackets will free up a lot of extra room in your closet, making it look a lot less cluttered.

Really any bins would work for seasonal storage, but these open-face cloth bins are great for easy access. Just set them on the top shelf in our closet and switch out their contents every few months.

17. Organize Clothing By Color (So The Morning Rush Goes Faster)

Like I said above, it is super important to keep the types of your clothes separate and organized so you can easily grab them in the morning. Another useful way of organizing is to separate by color.

Start with your neutrals (whites, blacks, grays, browns), and then blend into the colors of the rainbow. If you know what you’re looking for, you won’t have to fumble around through your entire closet anymore. You’ll know exactly where to find it.

mens color coordinated closet

Bonus Mens Closet Organization Tip: Use the One Year Rule

Finally, use the one year rule to keep your closet up to date and organized. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, throw it out or donate it to charity. Someone else will likely put much better use to it than you!

And if you desperately need a closet refresh, we high suggest checking out our long sleeves for your winter staples. (Though we’re biased, we promise you’ll find something that fits your stylishly tall lifestyle;).

Keeping your closet fresh will give more room for the things you actually wear and free up a ton of space in your closet. The one year rule is key to mens closet organization success.

Hopefully, these tips help you start fresh in 2022 and keep your closet clean and organized! Feel free to pick which tips are beneficial to your lifestyle and only use those. Mens closet organization isn’t rocket science, and it can definitely be easy and cheap! Just spend a little time making your closet cleaner and you’ll be ready to start the day on the right foot every time.