How to Meet Tall People

How to Meet Tall People

Sometimes it’s nice to have tall friends. They can always reach the can on beans on the top shelf and they always seem to be the “body-guard” of the group. The more tall people you can surround yourself with the better, even if you are a tall person it is still a good thing to not be the tallest in your group of friends.

So how do we go about meeting tall people? It is pretty simple really, go to events where tall people are usually found. Going to volleyball games, swimming matches, or basketball games will be a prime way to find tall people. Tall people like things that they are naturally better at, so any event that tall people will feel like that is a safe bet.

Believe it or not, there are actually tall conferences all over the united states hosted by different organizations. They hold these for the fact that tall people have a lot in common and usually get along with each other. Go out and spend a dollar or two getting yourself a ticket to one of these conferences. It will be worth your weight in gold.

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