How Tall Was Jesus?

How Tall Was Jesus?

I am sure we have all thought about it a time or two: how tall is Jesus?

Most might not know this but Jesus is pretty much your average size guy, he is fairly tall and slim. I never knew his exact height until I asked him at the lunch the other day. He told me that he was exactly 5’11”. So there you have it, Jesus is 5’11”. I am sure that height varies depending upon which Jesus you ask, but my friend Jesus is five eleven and no taller.

Now if you were wanting to know how tall was Jesus…Christ, I haven’t the slightest idea. I wasn’t around back then to be able to tell you how tall he was. I do know however, that there are 182,748 people in the United States named Jesus, and that for every 614 babies born in the US one of them is named Jesus. It is the 134th most common name given to children, and the most common age of a person named Jesus is six years old.

You might not be one of those parents that plans to name your kids Jesus, but there are many that will. Here in the United States we have a lot of freedom to name our children as we please, but in some countries like New Zealand and China, there are “Naming Laws” that put restrictions on the naming of children. The main reason behind certain countries doing this is to protect the children from problems in the future.

In the United States there aren’t any federal laws pertaining to the naming of a child, but some states have set their own regulations. There are several states that have set laws prohibiting the length of new born names, and there are others that have prohibited the use of numerals and pictograms. So when the time comes, make sure you check your states laws before you name your baby.

To conclude, we might we will probably never know how tall Jesus Christ was, but what we do know is that he had a big impact on the world. Enough so that thousands of people are named after him each year. If you enjoyed this post, you can find more awesome content at