Fixing Foot Pain for Six Footers

Fixing Foot Pain for Six Footers

The more feet(height) you are the more your feet(things attached to your legs) hurt. The taller you are the more bone problems you will tend to have, especially in your back and feet. This is caused by constantly slouching and putting your body weight over your toes. The problem stems from the cold hard fact that you are always looking down all day long! Since you can’t prevent looking down all day, we do have some tips for you to take care of yourself.

Here are our top 3 tips to get rid of foot pain:

1. Roll Out your Feet: Rolling out your feet is a great way limber up all of those tendons and ligaments. We recommend buying a foot roller mat. It is a mat that you can put in front of your bathroom mirror, stand on, and rub your feet out while you are getting ready in the morning.

2. Ice, Ice, and more Ice: Pretty common sense you would think but most people aren’t willing to do it! Sticking your feet in a bucket of ice is not the most fun but will get rid of all that nasty inflammation in your feet.

3. Untuck your sheets before going to bed: Because you are tall, your feet are at the end of the mattress where the sheets are being pulled down. This wedges your feet in between the mattress and your covers. You probably don’t notice it doing much damage but if you have your feet in an unrelaxed position for hours each night it will cause feet irritation. To avoid this, simple untuck your sheets at the bottom of your bed before you hit the hay.

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