Finding Support For Tall People - The Emotional Kind

Finding Support For Tall People - The Emotional Kind

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“How’s the weather up there?” “Do you play basketball?” People, considered tall by society, are constantly bombarded with these types of questions. Despite all the annoying statements, there are a ton of advantages that come with being tall. There are a lot of opportunities to excel in sports, modeling, acting, and a bunch of other hobbies, but it can be hard for really tall people to feel normal. Luckily, there are ways to meet other people who share the same struggles, and it is possible to gain confidence to overcome all the insecurities you may have.

Get Togethers

There is a story of a girl who went to a meet-up for tall girls and she was astounded at the fact that there were so many people who share her same daily struggles. She said it was such a fun atmosphere and realized a lot of the girls were very confident in their tall bodies. They joked about all the questions and glances they get in public, and could relate in ways their shorter friends did not understand. It was an inspiring, eye-opening and confidence building gathering.

Get togethers are fabulous ways to connect with people who you can relate to and believe it or not there many organized meetups just for tall people! It is a great opportunity for tall people to flourish and gain the confidence they need to head back out into the world without feeling insecure.

Utilize the Advantages

Tall people may get annoyed with people who ask them if they play basketball all the time, but it really is true that tall people gain a significant advantage in the sport! There are many sports where height is extremely valuable and sought after. College scholarships are frequently given to exceptionally tall people for the value they add to the team.

There are also acting positions and modeling jobs that are fighting to find tall people. Models are revered for their stunning height. To gain more confidence, find enjoyable activities that utilize height. That is not to say that all tall people need to play sports or act, but it is possible to use the advantage of height in many hobbies and passions!

Use Humor

When all else fails, sometimes it is good to just throw a little humor in there! It can be irritating to hear the same questions over and over again, so why not make a joke out of it?

A 17 year old boy name Logan decided he had had enough of all the repetitive questions. He purchased 100 business cards and wrote all the answers to the common questions he received. It said:

“Yes, I am tall. You’re very observant for noticing. 6’ 7” (Yes, really.) No, I don’t play basketball. The weather is perfect up here. I’m glad we had this conversation.”

He hands out those cards to everyone who asks about his height and he has found a lot of joy and humor out of it! Sometimes it is nice to just laugh at the things that can easily annoy you.

In the end, it is important for people to just embrace their height. It is a blessing and can be used in a lot of great ways! Finding the right clothes is important for confidence too, and that is why we started TallSlim Tees. These shirts are perfectly sized for those with some extra inches and our goal is to build your confidence and comfort as you step out into the world each day.