Famous Tall Musicians

Famous Tall Musicians

Famous Tall Musicians
Even if they weren’t the lead singer or front man of their band, these musicians still gained the audience’s attention as they rocked their height while rocking on stage.

Krist Novoselic – Nirvana – 6’7″
Novoselic was co-founder and bass player of Nirvana. Nirvana popularized grunge and alternative rock in the 1990’s. Their song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” has been ranked as one of the greatest songs in the history of rock music.

Oliver Riedel – Rammstein – 6’7″
Another bass player on the list, Riedel is part of Rammstein, from Berlin Germany. Rammstein was formed in 1994 and helped found a subgenre of German hard rock and heavy metal, known as Neue Deutsche Härte.

Long John Baldry – Blues – 6’7″
One of Great Britain’s first blue singers, he’s known for his 1980’s remake of the hit “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’”.

Adrian Vandenberg – Whitesnake – 6’6″
Dutchman, Adrian Vandenberg is guitarist for the popular British 1980’s band Whitesnake.

Sergei Rachmaninoff – Classical Composer – 6’6″
For those who love classical music, Rachmaninoff towered above the competition both in height and talent. Russian born Rachmaninoff started playing the piano at the age four and by the time he had graduated from university, he had already composed multiple piano and orchestral pieces.

Mick Fleetwood – Fleetwood Mac – 6’6″
Drummer and one of the founding members of Fleetwood Mac. The British-American rock band was formed in 1967 and have sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

Blake Shelton – Country Singer – 6’5″
Shelton isn’t just famous for his Country tunes, but also as a voice coach and judge on the popular US series “The Voice”.

Ed O’Brien – Radiohead – 6’5″
Guitarist and backup vocals for the English rock band, Radiohead. The band has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide and considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Win Butler – Arcade Fire – 6’5″
Front man of the Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire, which was started by Butler and his friend/classmate Josh Deu in 2000.

Albert King – Blues – 6’4″
Singer/Blues Guitarist Albert King is known as one of the “Kings of the Blues” along with B.B. King and Freddie King. He had the nickname “The Velvet Bulldozer”, because of his smooth singing, large size and because he drove a bulldozer as one of his day jobs at the beginning of his career.

Alan Jackson – Country Singer – 6’4″
Country music is a place for tall singers. Jackson has sold over 80 million records worldwide, has received two Grammy awards and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2017