Famous Tall Leaders In History

Famous Tall Leaders In History

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Did you know that 67% of the time in US presidential elections, the taller candidate wins? That’s two out of every three elections! Apparently, we like our political leaders tall and these leaders from history fit the bill.

So far, Abraham Lincoln has been that tallest US president standing at 6’4’’. His famed 7’’ top hat made him 6’ 11’’ when wearing it.

George Washington wasn’t much shorter than Abe Lincoln at 6’3’’. The average height for men at the time was 5’7’’. George Washington was considered very tall for his time.

Charlemagne or Charles the Great, King of Franks who founded the Roman Empire, was 6’ 3 ½’’. It is said almost everyone of European descent can trace their family tree lines back to Charlemagne, who had 18 children.

King Henry the VII didn’t just have a big ego, he also was big in stature standing around 6’2’’. He’s mostly known as a brutal king who sent many subjects to their deaths. However, he was said to be tall, athletic and handsome during his prime. Due to serious leg wounds from jousting in his mid-40s that never healed, he became increasingly debilitated, bad-tempered and paranoid. This may have led to the numerous executions he ordered later in his life.

Scottish Knight and Revolutionary Leader for Scotland, William Wallace, was 6’5’’. Mel Gibson who played William Wallace in the popular movie Braveheart only stands at 5’10.

King Richard the I also known Richard the Lionheart was 6’5’’. He is well-known today because of the stories of Robin Hood, which usually ends with King Richard’s return from the crusades to bring order to the kingdom. In reality, he had alienated and insulted most of his Christian allies. After the crusades, King Richard was unable to return to his kingdom, except in disguise.

Peter the Great, who introduced political and social reforms causing Russia to become an international power player, stood at 6’8’’.