Customer Reviews From TallSlim Tees Gift-Givers (Their Honest Opinion)

Customer Reviews From TallSlim Tees Gift-Givers (Their Honest Opinion)

For the hesitant buying Christmas gifts for a tall guy: here are 8 reviews, straight from wives, girlfriends, moms, & grandmothers who hit the bullseye with TallSlim Tees:

We know Halloween felt like yesterday - but Christmas is around the bend and gift-buying season is upon us (crazy, I KNOW!)

As you shop for your loved ones, the tall guy is always the toughest - especially with clothing. Thankfully, at TallSlim Tees, we have the best customer service team (hey Emma!) as well as a practical size calculator to guide the process - so you don't have to stab in the dark anymore.

If you're shopping for a tall guy and hesitating on buying clothes for them, we hope these reviews sway you in the right direction. Here are 8 reviews, straight from wives, girlfriends, moms, and grandmothers who hit the bullseye with TallSlim Tees:

1. Christmas Morning Win

Susan K.


"Great experience from start to finish. Easy to maneuver on the website. Easy to track delivery and arrived on time. Had to wait until today for my son to open them for Christmas to get his feedback. He loved them! He love them so much that he took off the T-shirt he was wearing and replaced it with one of the tall slim tees. We’ll done! He is 6’10” and struggles to find shirts that fit him; he said it fit him perfectly! Thank you!!!"

2. For Grandkids, Too

Lauretta P.


"Excellent. Received promptly, exactly as ordered. My grandson has SO MUCH TROUBLE finding shirts to fit. He is young, yet to “fill out”, and lands on the smallest end of your sizing. He was delighted that, for a change, he didn’t have to buy a too-big shirt to get the length he needs… and we didn’t have to pay for alterations. AND he said they were soft, and “felt good”."

3. Mr. Picky

Pam B.


"My son has searched his entire life for shirts that fit him perfectly. (30 yrs old) I happened across this site and thought what the heck, lets just see if THESE will satisfy his picky little self. So I ordered him 3 shirts. I brought them to him the day after I received them, and his response was 'Yeah right mom' ... you probably should have just ordered 1 to start out with, because you KNOW they aren't gonna fit me right! Ha! These are the most perfect fit he has ever tried on, not to mention they do NOT shrink. Being soft like butter was just a plus for him. He is 6'1 and weighs 145 lbs, so you can imagine how hard it has been to find Mr. Picky a shirt. Now I'm on a mission to buy him every color made in these shirts!"

4. The Perfect Gift

Jo B.


"It was a gift. My son loves it."

Tall Guys Wearing Tall Clothing

5. Son-in-Law Success

Kristi V.


"My son in law loves these joggers! I bought a large and he is 6' 5" tall. He says the length and waist are perfect! Thanks for another great product!"

6. "My Favorite Thing He Wears"

Laura M.


"Bought these for my husband, 180lbs, 6’1” and he looks amazing. They are my favorite thing for him to wear. They’re so soft and plenty long but cuffed enough to not fall over his hand. Perfect!"

7. NOT 'Big & Tall'

Tamara M.


"Awesome fit and feel for my tall, but not "big and tall" hubby."

8. Feel "Normal"



"My sons LOVE these shirts! Finally, t-shirts that are long enough for my two sons. These shirts are long and slim, just what they need to feel 'normal', as retail stores just don't offer t-shirts that are made for their long, slim bodies. Thank you TallSlimTees!"

Tall Guys Aren't Impossible to Shop For!

Don't give up! Being friends and family to tall guys means you might have to do some more digging to find the perfect gift, but the search won't be in vain. We hope these reviews showed you how TallSlim Tees might be your perfect option this Christmas.

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