Creative Ways To Customize Your Tall Slim Tee

Creative Ways To Customize Your Tall Slim Tee

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Once you’ve grabbed a few Tall Slim t-shirts, you may want to customize them to suit your personal style. After all, while it’s nice to finally have a shirt that fits, you want to have some fun with it!

With that in mind, here are some at-home ideas you can try to do so you can tweak your shirts and give them your own creative flair.

Print Your New T-Shirt Look

When you are between 6’0” – 7’0” tall, you don’t tend to have many of the fun screen-printed shirts that shorter people are able to wear. And while you’re glad you could find a classic tall t-shirt to fit your frame, you secretly want to have things emblazoned on the chest of your shirt (or the back, we aren’t judging).

If this is something you want, then t-shirt transfer paper is the thing for you! You can easily pick up a pack of t-shirt transfer papers between $8 – $14 for one pack (amount per pack will vary), just check what kind of printer you have at home before you purchase. There is transfer paper for both inkjet printers and laser jet printers.

All you need after you purchase the paper is:

  • An iron
  • Ironing board
  • Pillowcase
  • Scissors
  • Image

This is a fairly easy, low-cost project with simple steps that make this customization a breeze.

Create Your Mark

One of the clearest ways to create a custom shirt is to emblazon it with your own embroidery. Whether you prefer a subtle hint of embroidery or a sprawling design that takes up ¾ of the shirt, you decide when you add the thread to your t-shirt.

This project requires a bit more crafting skills than the previous project but we have faith in your abilities to make creativity happen!

The easiest for beginners would be to start with hand embroidery. You will need:

  • An embroidery hoop
  • Thread (you pick what colors)
  • Sewing marker
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Carbon paper (optional)

Sketch out the design you want on your shirt or use carbon transfer paper to trace and transfer a design. We recommend trying your hand at monograming to start. The only downside to hand embroidery is that it is a time-consuming process. Though you don’t need an embroidery machine to speed this embellishment up, you can use your regular sewing machine and do free-motion embroidery.

Other Creative Custom T-shirt Ideas

Hopefully we’ve sparked your creativity and you are ready and raring to go. Some additional ideas to keep those inventive wheels spinning are:

  • Clothing dye – Try dying your shirt to your favorite color
  • Tie-dying – Now you too can finally have a tie-dyed summer shirt
  • Bejeweling – A little bling never hurt anyone
  • Patches – Add some flair to a shirt
  • Clothing markers – We give you permission to use clothing markers on your shirt.

It’s easier to become enthusiastic with your clothing when you’ve got great fitting shirts!