Check Out This Show About Tall People

Check Out This Show About Tall People

Do you ever turn on the TV and just want to see people like yourself on the screen? Representation in the media is a hot topic, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has considered that really tall people might like some representation too.

Or have they?

The Learning Channel (TLC) has a tall-women centric show called “My Giant Life”, following a cast of 6 women of various ages as they showcase the struggles that tall women in particular go through.

The “Long Enough” Clothing Struggle

One of the problems the women highlighted was the struggle to find clothing long enough to cover their bodies.

From the hardships of finding a long enough t-shirt to prom dress hunting problems, these women go over the many compromises they have to make in the clothing department.

This would be a familiar issue for many a tall person and hopefully a hint to clothing designers. But until that time, one of the women named Colleen advocates for shopping online to find specialty clothing designed for the taller end of the spectrum.

Taller Than Your Partner

While it isn’t usually considered a problem when the men are much taller than their female partners, the reverse situation isn’t regarded the same way.

All of the women have struggled romantically when it comes to dating. Haleigh who is 6’7” is engaged to 5’8” Bryan.

For Nancy, she’s taller than most of the boys at her high school and even with her friend’s help, she may still have to either miss out on prom or be the only one going stag in her friend group.

Meanwhile, even though Haleigh and Bryan get teased for their height difference, everything seems fairly smooth. Until Haleigh’s parents object to her relationship with Bryan. You’ll just have to watch to find out why!

Check It Out

There have been 2 seasons of “My Giant Life” and while it is unknown if the show will be renewed, the 14 episodes they have aired are worth a watch.

You can find the series on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. So the next time you feel like you’re the only one who can’t find a long enough shirt, you can put on one of these episodes and see people dealing with the same struggles you are.