Calling All Tall Dads: 5 Outfits You'll Love

Calling All Tall Dads: 5 Outfits You'll Love

At the end of the day, we all know you're the cool dad on the block. We're just here to help you look the part. Check out our outfit ideas for tall dads here:

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Father's Day is right around the corner ~ and we think it's a worthy excuse to celebrate all the tall dads out there.

If you're a vertically-gifted father, you probably fill a lot of roles for your family. We've put together 5 classy outfits any tall guy would love, but especially if you're a dad.

Feel free to shoot this article to your wife for Father's Day gift inspiration, use it as inspiration for your own fits, or simply treat yourself for being the awesome tall dad you are. Let's dive in:

Workout Fit

Workout Outfit for Tall Slim Men

For the active dad: this outfit is a staple for all of your workout sessions. Great for neighborhood runs, weightlifting, bike rides, or simple walks to the park with your family - this outfit is a must-have. Let's check out the components:

Tall Athletic Joggers: These Joggers aren't just designed to fit and flatter your long legs, but they are so comfortable to wear during your workouts too. Breathable and with plenty of pockets, they are comfortable and functional.

Dry-Lite Athletic T-Shirt: Our tall athletic shirts are the perfect workout staple for tall dads. They are moisture-wicking, breathable, and tailored for a taller torso.

Tall Full Zip Hoodie: Great for throwing on post-workout or shielding from ugly weather during your outdoor workouts.

Tennis Shoes: Tasteful and comfortable no matter what.

Headphones/Airpods: Essential to every workout! Listen to music, podcasts, or your latest novel while you sweat.

Water Bottle: Maybe it's time to upgrade to a water bottle you actually like...?

Casual + Cool

Casual Outfit for Tall Slim Guys

For the every day: this fit is perfect for taking your kids to practice, running errands, going to church, and really everything in between. Let's take a look at what makes it perfect for your *cool* dad lifestyle:

Tall Easy Care Casual Button Up: This tall-tailored button up can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion, and it's perfect for summer.

Jeans: A tall dad staple.

Ball Cap: Grab your favorite (or a classy one from our brother company, Redwood Tall Outfitters) to keep the sun off your face while you're outside (and cover up any bedhead, because we know the struggle).

Apple Watch: Just as classy as a traditional watch, but with more gadgets. Track your fitness, get notifications, and stay informed while you're out and about.

White Sneakers: Look, we know these shoes are more of a teen craze right now, but they look pretty cool (and aren't we all trying to look a few years younger anyway?)


Lounging Outfit for Tall Slim Men

As a dad, you need to kick back and relax sometimes. This fit has everything you'd need to relax, recharge, and chill:

Tall Jogger Sweatpants: These sweatpants are the perfect go-to pair of cozy pants for tall dads. They are soft to the touch, stretchy, and comfortable (ideal for Netflix & chill).

Tall Quarter Zip Jacket: Looking for something a little warmer? Our Quarter Zip is the perfect sweatshirt to throw over any outfit, especially the cozy ones.

Original Crew Neck T-Shirt: Classic, comfortable, and versatile - everything you'd need in a tee.

Cup o' Joe: You simply can't go without it.

Slippers: A must! Looking for a more useful (but just as comfortable) slipper alternative? Check out HeyDudes.

Netflix: Okay, not a part of the outfit, but equally as important ;).


Classy Outfit for Tall Slim Men

Sometimes dad has to dress up. This outfit has you covered on all the bases: rehearsals, date nights, and business meetings.

Dry-Lite Polo: This tall, slim polo is classy and comfortable. You can dress it up or down, and it's breathable (which is great for summer).

Chinos: Make sure to get a pair as a year-round staple for your classier outfits.

Dress Shoes: Classic, tasteful, and sharp.

Heirloom Watch: Maybe you don't have a watch for those fancier occasions... is that a Father's Day gift idea I see?

Cologne: Pair your dapper look with a sophisticated scent.

Beach Day

Beach Day Outfit for Tall Slim Guys

Summer is here and so are those beach days. Look sharp on vacation in this perfect fit for tall dads:

Tall Tank Top: Tailored to fit a tall torso and available in 12 different colors, this is a summer wardrobe no-brainer.

Swim Shorts: Maybe it's time to upgrade your favorite pair...

Sun Hat: Dad-mode activated.

Snorkel: Endless fun exploring underwater!

Crocs: I don't care what people think. These are the comfiest shoes out there.

At the end of the day, we all know you're the cool dad on the block. We're just here to help you look the part.

Hopefully these outfits provide some inspiration for your own wardrobe (or a few gift ideas for Father's Day). Forward this article to a loved one as a subtle hint for some gift ideas coming up (just tell them we told you to;). Happy Father's Day tall dads!