Are Tall Trees Dangerous?

Are Tall Trees Dangerous?

The term Dangerous is pretty relative to how you perceive danger. It is proven that most of what humanity fears about are things that are likely to never happen to us. For example, you probably know multiple people that are so afraid of sharks that they refuse to go into the water. However, you are more likely to killed by getting hit in the head by a flying object that came off of an airplane than you are to get killed by a shark.

The reason for this is, big surprise, the media! We grow up watching scary shark movies and we are always seeing shark attacks on the news. Are we in real danger? Not really, most of those things will never happen to us or anyone we know. Getting hit by a falling tree is one of those things. Odds are you don’t know anyone that has been killed by a falling tree. I sure don’t.

The taller tree the stronger the roots. Depending on the type of tree the roots will either go down deeper or go horizontally longer. Should you be afraid of tall trees? No. You may have seen a tree or two that has fallen down in the wind, but sleep tight knowing you will go your whole life with out ending up crushed under one of them.

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