7 Tall Guy Problems Solved (By Tall Guys)

7 Tall Guy Problems Solved (By Tall Guys)

If you're a tall guy, you know there are unique struggles you face every day. We listed a few of our greatest pain points and the solutions we love (all from fellow tall guys!). Check them out here:

If you're a tall guy, you know there are unique struggles you face every day. We listed a few of our greatest pain points and the solutions we love (all from fellow tall guys!). Check them out here:

1. Your Car is a Tight Fit

If you don't own a small car, you still know the struggle of bending down to get inside, adjusting the seat to the max and still feeling like your legs don't have enough room, and potentially hitting your head on the ceiling. It's tough for us tall guys to find cars that feel comfortable (and don't break the bank).

Solution: Invest in a Tall-Friendly Car

If you drive any car on this list (or you just struggle to fit in your current car), it's time to upgrade. You won't just be more comfortable - it might be safer for you to drive in a car with more visibility from your tall vantage point. Check out these cars that might fit your height (and your price range).

2. Counter Tops Are Just a Little Too Low

Tired of hunching over while you slice and dice in the kitchen? Chop up a salad and you'll have a kink in your neck before you can say "avocado." We're tired of kitchen counters being just a hair too short for our every day needs, too.

Solution: Elevate Your Kitchen

While you could always remodel your kitchen with custom countertops to the height of your liking, not all of us have thousands of dollars to blow on a whim. If your budget is tight, try the raised cutting board. It's not as glamorous of a solution, but it still works!

3. It's Tough to Find Clothes That Fit

We know the struggle - you try out "big & tall" clothes only to find they are far too wide or not long enough for your tall frame. The struggle is real! It's time to say goodbye to ill-fitting shirts that aren't comfortable or flattering for your tall, slim form.

Solution: Grab Some TallSlim Tees

We're biased, but we truly believe our tees are the solution to your long hunt for tall t-shirts that fit you. We designed our shirts to have a tailored feel, so you finally feel confident and comfortable in what you wear. Choose from our dozens of different styles, colors, and tall sizes here.

4. You Can't Stretch Out In Bed

You're probably familiar with the struggle. Suffice to say, tall sleep is typically poor sleep. Your feet might hang off the edge. Your arms might dangle off the sides (or smack your significant other in the middle of the night). You've likely resorted to a position that isn't quite as comfortable as you'd like, just to make sure you won't fall off the bed entirely. Will you ever get better rest?

Tall Guys Wearing Tall Clothing

Solution: Upgrade Your King Mattress

Maybe you thought the king sized mattress was the biggest they get - but think again. If you don't have a king already, we'd suggest upgrading. But if you do already have a king and it still doesn't fit, try the Wyoming King, Texas King, or the gargantuan Alaskan King. We've included the dimensions to each below - how's that for getting better sleep?

Wyoming King: 84" x 84"

Texas King: 80" x 98"

Alaskan King: 108" x 108"

5. Plane Seats are Tight

Want to know our owner, Sam Huebner's, least favorite thing about being tall? Plane seats. And we know you probably hate them as much as he does. Your legs are scrunched up tight, your arms have nowhere to go, and the entire seat feels so much less comfortable for tall guys.

Solution: Try to Score the Exit Row

The sad truth is that plane seats are uncomfortable for everyone, even if you aren't tall. Sadly, making a business class seat comfortable is an impossible mission for anyone, even shorter folks. But you can try scoring the exit row each time you fly. Sure, you'll have to pay closer attention during the safety demonstration, but you'll have the extra leg room you definitely need.

6. You're the Punchline of Tall Jokes

"How's the weather up there?" You've heard it a thousand times. Will it ever stop? More often than not, people see you as "tall" instead of a "person." They'll assume you played basketball your entire life (or volleyball) and trust you to always help them grab the highest thing on the shelf. But you are more than just a tall person!

Solution: Own It

Look, we get it. The jokes are annoying. But it's a fact: you're tall. People are going to notice. And that's okay! It is AWESOME that you are tall, and while the masses don't quite understand the struggle, the vast majority is secretly jealous. Own your height. Fire back a pun or two (maybe even a joke or roast of your own). You know what they say - confidence is sexy. And if you can be tall and confident, well that's as good as it gets.

7. You're Too Tall for Standard Shower Heads

Ever showered hunched underneath a shower head? You can't exactly get clean very efficiently when you're taller than the water source. It's a shame showers don't cater to the tall man, but there's a solution to this annoying problem...

Solution: Attach an Extension

Attach a shower head extension to your shower head for some extra height! There are tons of styles and heights to choose from, so you can easily find one that will fit in your shower. Finally, you'll be able to shower the right way.

The Pros & Cons of Being Tall

At the end of the day, there are dozens of things we could complain about being a tall guy. Back pain, having to work out a little differently, and being a grocery store "assistant" for shorter folks are a few cons we didn't even mention on this list!

We could go on and on with tall guy struggles. But in reality, being tall is awesome. You didn't choose your height, but that doesn't mean you can't own it. Own the benefits of being so tall! You'll always be able to see the stage (no matter who sits in front of you). You can reach the top shelf no problem. Not to mention being tall is incredibly attractive.

There are so many things to love about being tall - so enjoy it. Hopefully these solutions help you deal with the cons and appreciate the pros even more:)

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