8 Celebrities That Are Surprisingly Tall

8 Celebrities That Are Surprisingly Tall

Everything you want to know about celebrities is available at your fingertips, including their heights. In fact, knowing celebrity heights appears to be a common obsession and has led to the creation of multiple websites where you can search the height of almost every celebrity and pour over the results.

With this precious information, we have the ability to compare ourselves to our celeb inspiration or imagine how we’d look standing next to our celebrity crush. Our favorite celebrities come in all shapes and sizes ranging from surprisingly dinky to shockingly tall.

However, cameras and the screen can be deceiving which means there may be some celebrities reaching the upper limits of human height that are surprising. We’ve compiled some of the most unexpected tall celebrities for your entertainment.

Michelle Obama

The previous first lady of America and reigning first lady of hearts matches her grand height of 1.8m with her impressive career achievements and social and community services. Her height, along with a refined dress sense and charming personality makes for an inspiring figure of elegance and sophistication.

Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashians often find themselves the center of media hype but not usually for their height. Unlike her much shorter sisters, Khloe cuts an impressive figure. At 1.77m, Khloe is the tallest of the family except for her brother Rob Kardashian Jr. The family figurehead Kris Jenner stands at a fair 1.68m while her late husband Rob Kardashian senior reaches 1.7m. The couple clearly passed their shorter genes on to sisters Kim and Kourtney who make up the shortest two members of the family at 1.59m and 1.55m respectively.

As the tallest sister, other than half-sister and supermodel Kendall Jenner, Khloe has admitted feeling self-conscious in the past. Luckily, she now seems to embrace her height, often looking stunning in heels and high pony tales that complement her fantastic figure.

Jeff Goldblum

As a much loved and iconic actor and singer that’s appeared on screens for over 45 years, fans might be surprised to learn that Jeff Goldblum stands at 1.94 meters. Although starring in some of the biggest films of all time including Jurassic Park, Independence Day and Thor: Ragnarok, Jeff has gained the majority of his fans from his entertaining and eclectic personality.

Although his height in real life seems surprisingly large compared to how we envisage him on screen with well-matched co-stars and sleek costumes, once his charm and personality spill out, his height makes sense. Naturally such an impressive stature is needed to fit all that charisma.

Taylor Swift

As one of the world’s best-selling music artists, Taylor Swift is much more well known for success in the charts than for her height. However at 1.78m, Taylor reaches and exceeds the height of some of the world’s biggest supermodels.

With her stylish dress sense and attention grabbing lyrics, fans rarely focus on Taylor’s height which is why her lofty stature comes as a surprise to many.

Maria Sharapova

The tennis superstar Maria Sharapova reaches an astonishing 1.88m. Born in 1987, Maria has achieved fame and success as a Russian professional tennis player, reaching world No.1 in Women’s singles tennis. Along with her talent and years of hard work, Maria could have her height to thank for some of her success with the ability to reach great lengths across the court to reach the tennis balls.

Uma Thurman

Having worked as a model since the age of 15 and now also as a world-famous actress, Uma Thurman is expected to be tall. However, at a shocking 1.8m, Uma often towers above her cast members and fellow celebrities. On the set of one of her most well-known movies, Kill Bill, Uma was one of the tallest members of the cast with director Quentin Tarantino only slightly beating her at 1.85m.

Jason Momoa

Maybe the least surprising celebrity to join this list, Jason Momoa is famous for his acting roles in Game of Thrones and Aqua Man as well as his lovable and funny personality off-screen. Jason reaches a staggering height of 1.93m but could never be described as lanky with a well-built, muscular body which serves to distract the viewer from his height but makes for an impressively large figure overall.


RuPaul is the ultimate drag mother and possibly the most famous and successful drag queen of all time having received 6 Emmy awards as well as producing and hosting 11 seasons of his own show. His impressive achievements stacked up would almost reach his even more impressive height.

At 1.93 meters or 6 feet 4 inches, the drag queen mother is often the tallest in the room. This is even more true when dressed in drag as he frequently dons heels which adds a few more inches to his tall, yet padded, silhouette.

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