3 Holiday Outfits for Tall Guys

3 Holiday Outfits for Tall Guys

This holiday season (and last year’s for that matter) might look a little different, but we hope that you still have some special moments to look forward to this year. As a tall guy, your wardrobe could be a little limited, so we are putting together 3 holiday outfits to help you out!

Office Holiday Party

Bonobos Chinos: Super versatile and come in 36″ in length – a must-have in your closet for all types of occasions. We love the Chestnut color for something more festive – or the Jet Blues for a classic look.

Easy Care Dress Shirt: Easy. Care. That’s important. Also important: fit.

Holiday Tie: Even if ties aren’t the norm in your office environment, the holidays are the perfect time to have a little fun! If you are over 6′ (which you probably are if reading this) then we highly recommend ties that are at least 63″ long. You might have to look a little harder, but we still found something festive

Christmas Tree Shopping

Original 50/50 Tee: You should already have dozens of these in your closet. We selected a V-neck here for a little change up!

Denim: Slim fit is a must for our crowd. This pair of jeans comes in a tall size for extra length.

Zip up Hoodie: With sleeves long enough to keep even your wrists warm!

Beanie: How’s the weather up there? Adds lots of warmth and a little interest to your fit.

Christmas Morning

Joggers: Sadly, these are out of stock — but we have more on the way!

Henley Tee: In our popular dual blend – this long sleeve henley is perfect for a cozy morning at home.

Ugg Slippers: Don’t bash Ugg – these are incredibly comfort with a rubber sole and go up to size 18!!